Monday, April 15, 2024
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    Game developers monetise anonymous data from mobile apps

    Tutela, experts in anonymous data monetisation, has announced that it is re-opening its partnership program and adding to its network of mobile app partners, offering an additional revenue stream to select mobile games and app developers.

    Typical annual revenues for participants with apps with 3 million to 5 million daily active users (DAUs) in Europe and North America are estimated to be in the region of 1 million USD, incremental to their revenue streams from ads and in-app purchases.

    Tutela software runs on mobile devices and invisibly collects anonymous device and network quality data that helps mobile telecoms companies improve their mobile networks. The technology has already been deployed in over 100 mobile apps running on millions of devices with data being collected and then resold by Tutela.

    Anonymous information such as connection quality, location and device choice is crowdsourced from users without impacting usability.

    Games publishers and app developers benefit from a revenue share which is more consumer friendly than in-game purchasing, less intrusive than in-game advertising and not dependent upon subscription models.

    Tom Luke, Head of Sales and Partnerships, Tutela explains: “We are carefully selecting additional mobile app partners who have published apps which will expand our partner network further. Particularly, we are interested in talking with those who have apps that have more than one million daily active users (DAUs) and who are interested in unlocking additional revenue streams.”

    He continues: “Installing the software SDK into apps takes less than an hour. Data is completely anonymous and has no impact on end user experience, or their device. As such, Tutela offers publishers an additional revenue stream without any user or app impact.”

    Tutela sells data and reports to network operators, offering a revenue share to its partners. Telecoms companies, in turn, use the data to improve mobile network performance and mobile network coverage. These reports provide telecoms operators with insight into the network’s performance from the customer’s point of view, helping operators plan for improve connectivity and 4G coverage for their customers.

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