Friday, May 24, 2024

    Gaming and gambling show best levels of engagement of all app types, heat map reveals

    The latest data from Adjust and its new Global Benchmarks 2.0 reveals that, globally, gaming and gambling apps have the best engagement by app type, showing global retention averaging 34% the day after app install.

    North American users are the most loyal and had the highest Day 1 retention rate – 27.11% – in Q4. They’re followed by gamers in Europe and Asia & Pacific, retaining neck-in-neck at 25.38% and 25.30%, respectively, on Day 1. Marketers would do well to keep engaging their users with hyper-personalised messaging and reward their loyalty with in-game incentives.

    Meanwhile, Latin America – the second-fastest-growing region for mobile in the world, after Asia Pacifc – has the highest average retention rate (9.36%) for Business & Finance apps after the first day a user installs the app.

    This strong app loyalty is noteworthy as financial technology in the region continues to evolve and expand. Consumers continue to embrace the convenience of payment apps like in Brazil and Clip in Mexico.

    Finally, ecommerce apps see the highest ad fraud rates across regions, likely due to high ad spend, with a cost per install (CPI) of $2.11. Digital ad fraud, including in-app advertising, reached an estimated $42 billion globally in 2019 – a 21% increase over 2018, according to Juniper Research.

    The total loss to fraud is projected to rise to $100 billion by 2023. It’s imperative that financial marketers educate themselves on the topic, and be proactive in protecting their ad budgets with fraud prevention.

    The stats come from Adjust’s Global Benchmarks 2.0, a free, publically available tool you can use to uncover trends in mobile app engagements and fraud data from nearly 8,500 apps across eight industry verticals in five regions.

    Also check out Adjust’s Adjust Mobile Growth Map.

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