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The gaming revolution you probably ignored


Most of us want to build products at the intersection of the offline & online worlds; ‘Indianising’ global business models. Gaming as a space is something we rarely think about, writes Ashish Kapoor, Kalagato.

Ironically, this is one area in which we can really be globally competitive. We have great talent here and the internet gives you all the market access you need.

While we were alternating between gushing about Pokémon GO and raging over Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird, there was a gaming revolution going on in India. You just didn’t know about it.

Not convinced? Want some more data? Here you go…

By the way, we’re looking at sectors here. If you want to know which companies/games are growing the fastest? Get in touch

Much of this growth is may be getting buoyed by the adoption of smartphones by so many people. Unless phone & data prices start rising, which in my opinion they won’t, more and more

people will keep coming into the fold.

This trend will continue.

Wondering which sectors were flat/ down / didn’t grow that much?

For your convenience & in no particular order – We’ve provided the absolute incremental growth of all the sectors covered in this newsletter over the last 16 months in a nice table below:

As more and more people get access to better phones with higher specs and improved performance – the demand for games will grow. In a country with a chronic problem of disguised unemployment – people are always looking for ways to kill time. Gaming fit the bill.

Many future users may be content to run around capturing virtual monsters, but I’m willing to bet that more will look for themes that resonate more strongly with them. This is something we’ve talked about earlier.

In Gaming, unlike so many other sectors – downloads matter.

Each user is ‘monetisable’ even if they don’t pay you directly or take your ‘in app’ purchase – there are good economics. Most of the game development companies in India are unfunded. They’re just not trying to be the next ‘Rovio’. That doesn’t mean they can’t.



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