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Gamma Communications deploys XConnect’s Global Number Intelligence to enhance business messaging solutions


XConnect, the provider of world-class numbering intelligence solutions, is working with Gamma Communications, a leading technology-based provider of communication services, to optimise its business messaging. Gamma will leverage XConnect’s number range and number portability services to ensure messaging traffic is delivered to its cloud mobile numbers efficiently.

Gamma benefits from XConnect’s integration of Gamma’s cloud mobile number ranges to provide maximum accuracy and reliability for its inbound SMS messages. The solution enables Gamma to overcome industry-based barriers to growth and deliver an optimised user experience.

“Ensuring the rapid and accurate delivery of messages is critical to customers. Because of Gamma’s unique cloud mobile numbering solution, not everywhere recognises how to route messaging traffic correctly to them. But by hosting an up-to-date record of their ranges we assure message delivery and enable the best possible service to their customers,” says Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services at XConnect. “We are supporting the growth and optimisation of Gamma’s messaging business and enabling it to deliver new market reach with greater precision and performance. By harnessing our data, Gamma can deliver dependable levels of reliability to its customers and upscale its business messaging service across its target markets.”

Gamma is a leading provider of UCaaS with over 20 years’ experience in the telecoms industry. Its mission is to provide straightforward cloud communication and collaboration services for business and channel partners, underpinned by a robust, secure network.

“The messaging industry is experiencing exponential growth and telecoms players need be prepared to meet their customers’ changing requirements. Having seen exponential growth on our Cloud Mobile product since its launch several years ago, we needed to ensure that the service was the very best it could be, given the mission critical nature of the service we provide and the high profile nature of our customers. By working with XConnect, we can ensure that they are benefitting from a database that is continuously updated and cleaned for maximum efficiency,” said Mike Mills, Director of Cloud & Infrastructure Partners at Gamma.

Steve Lowe, Mobile Product Director at Gamma adds: “We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate our offering to deliver greater value in our target markets. XConnect’s solution enables us to drive growth and control of our messaging services with confidence and ease.”

XConnect provides Number Information Services including creating the world’s largest number intelligence database, available via direct download or real-time, ultra-low latency number lookup queries. Its global numbering intelligence provides a simple and data-driven approach to ensure high-quality message delivery for its customers and end users.

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