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High Performance Cloud Platform Unlocks the AI-enabled Applications of the Future

Gcore — a European provider of high-performance, low-latency, international cloud, and edge solutions — announces the launch of its Zero-Trust 5G eSIM Cloud platform, which provides organizations worldwide with a secure, reliable, high-speed, high-capacity networking solution. Delivering a technological foundation for next-generation AI applications, Gcore’s Zero-Trust 5G eSIM Cloud platform will fuel the creation of new capabilities and business models.

Leveraging Gcore’s software-defined embedded SIM (eSIM), businesses can seamlessly and securely connect to corporate resources, remote devices, or Gcore’s powerful cloud platform via local 5G carriers. The solution drives significant cost savings by eliminating the need for unpredictable roaming fees or expensive and complex local area network (LAN) builds.

With secure private access to IaaS and PaaS Edge Cloud services, Gcore’s 5G eSIM offers a compelling solution to the coverage, capacity, reliability, and handoff challenges commonly associated with wireless and wireline LANs. Gcore’s service provides a more secure and efficient alternative that enables organizations to make use of compelling new ultra-low latency applications and unlock productivity gains for home and mobile workers. Using Gcore Zero-Trust 5G eSIM Cloud platform, IT and business teams can access AI infrastructure and applications from their mobile devices.

Andre Reitenbach, CEO of Gcore, comments: “The launch of Cloud Computing powered by 5G eSIM technology marks a major milestone for Gcore and the industry as a whole. Using our solution, enterprises can now embrace the next-generation of AI-powered applications including smart factories, Connected IoT [Internet of Things], live video streaming, and machine-learning diagnostics among others. This is a step-change in local area networking that will help accelerate the digital transformation of global business.”

Seva Vayner, Director of Edge Cloud stream, comments: “Gcore’s 5G eSIM Cloud technology liberates IT teams from the burden of building and maintaining unreliable LANs, along with the security challenges that come with mobile network access. Our innovative approach provides encrypted access to 5G networks that are protected by telco-grade security, while also enabling granular security protocols that empower IT with complete control of each individual device. With our 5G eSIM Cloud platform, IT teams will find it easier to manage and secure devices even as they launch new applications and adopt mobile-centric working models.”

Andre Reitenbach, CEO of Gcore, continued: “At Gcore, our mission is to build easy-to-use, innovative, global, and secure edge compute solutions that drive the digital transformation of enterprises and SMBs across a wide range of industries where performance and low latency are paramount, such as gaming, healthcare, e-commerce, fintech, and beyond. Our expanding selection of products and services, including the groundbreaking 5G eSIM Cloud Solution, empowers organizations to unlock new possibilities and stay ahead in an ever more connected world.”

Available in more than 150 countries worldwide, Gcore’s 5G eSIM Cloud solution provides a powerful foundation for remote working and mobility applications, while also delivering the fastest and best-performing mobile access to the Gcore Cloud and its associated AI, machine learning, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service capabilities.

Find out more about Gcore’s 5G eSIM Cloud Solution on gcore.com/mobile/5g


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