Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Gcore makes managed Kubernetes service available on Bare Metal

    Gcore — a European provider of high-performance, low-latency, international cloud, and edge solutions — today announces the launch of major updates to its Managed Kubernetes service. Customers using the service can now run containers on bare metal servers in addition to using virtual machines (VMs). Running containers directly on bare metal operating systems improves latency and performance as well as removes interference from neighbouring VMs. The implementation is based on Kubernetes’ Cluster API and comes with a high availability and uptime guarantee service level agreement (SLA).

    Seva Vayner, Director of Edge Cloud stream at Gcore, comments: “Most cloud vendors only support Kubernetes containers in VM-based infrastructure. Yet businesses in majority of industries as banking, healthcare, broadcasting, gaming and others increasingly require an edge to support real-time applications and live-streaming graphics. That’s where Gcore comes in. Our new bare metal service unlocks low-latency, high-performance capabilities that provides users with a significant competitive advantage.”

    Vayner continues: “Gcore’s Managed Kubernetes service comes in at a lower price point than the hyperscalers, offering customers better value for their investments. And in contrast with other providers, we provide full production-level, SLA-backed, cluster management without additional charges – you pay only for worker nodes’ computing and storage.”

    Gcore’s Managed Kubernetes service reduces IT team workloads, simplifies infrastructure deployment in a cloud environment, and makes scaling and application testing much easier. The service will initially be available from Gcore’s points of presence (PoPs) in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Singapore and Virginia, USA and will be subsequently deployed across 14 further locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas, including London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

    With Gcore’s Managed Kubernetes service, customers also benefit from robust data protection across the network and transport layers, as well as through a Web Application Firewall for application-level protection. Gcore is one of the first cloud providers to embrace the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) encryption standard at the Infrastructure as a Service level, providing yet more protection for customers. Gcore complies with all GDPR requirements with respect to personal data stored by customers.

    The latest updates to the service means that Gcore’s Managed Kubernetes now supports Kubernetes versions 1.24, 1.25, and 1.26. Consequently, significant Kubernetes enhancements including the Stargazer, Combiner, and Electrifying upgrades, along with pod scheduling improvements and other new features, are now available through the service.

    Find out more about Gcore Managed Kubernetes service on Bare Metal on

    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
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