Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    German iGaming operators now offer one-click ID check and payment using DCB from DIMOCO

    iGaming operators in Germany can now offer mobile payment and an identity checks to players in just one step using carrier billing, thanks to DIMOCO.

    Carrier Billing allows users to make purchases by charging the transaction amount to their mobile phone bill which is also used for unique identification. The powerful payment option is available to more consumers than any other payment method.

    Players are increasingly looking to play on mobile and, more presciently, pay on mobile – a trend many gambling operators have not yet adjusted to when it comes to a crucial part of the user journey, namely payments. This step is upmost important as 21% of players don’t convert if the checkout process is too long or complicated, especially given that the user’s average retention period on an operator’s website is approximately seven seconds.

    For the first time gambling operators can offer DCB to customers in the vast German iGaming market – enabling payment and all regulatory identification steps through the verification by the users’ unique and individual mobile phone number. A solution made possible by mobile phones, a payment solution that literally everybody already holds in hands.
    Carrier billing merely requires the players to enter their mobile phone number to make a payment and identify themselves on the gambling operators page and therefore contrast with card-based and other payments as no additional data must be added.

    As many as 70% of users under the age of 40 say they intend to use mobile payment once it is made available. Apropos availability, out of a population of currently over 83 million people in Germany only 37 million own a credit card and merely 29 million people have a PayPal account – but a staggering 140 million mobile connections were registered in 2020. In the same year 95% of online merchants offered PayPal in Germany as a payment option, though only 50% of respondents of a Statista survey stated such as their preferred payment method, in addition to considerably low coverage across the nation. Offering a nonexistent or unpopular payment doesn’t support a gambling operators’ quest in boosting conversion.

    The award-winning payment method – DIMOCO’s Carrier Billing was awarded Mobile Payment Solution of the Year 2020 at the SCB Awards 2020 – will help gambling operators tap into a new and solid player base and new revenue streams, especially as their customers are likely to be already familiar with the concept of Carrier Billing.  Despite the strong tie with a mobile phone, Carrier Billing is compatible with tablets, desktop devices, Smart TVs and all popular software.

    The payment option is already applied widely for digital apps and content, such as online games, streaming and download of music, digital subscriptions for e-books, magazines or movies, in addition to social media platforms, tickets for public transportation, parking tickets or even bike-sharing services, vending machines or electric vehicle charging.

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