Sunday, April 14, 2024

    Golden Goose teams up with MCP as it creates DCB HUB mVAS marketplace

    Global mVAS CPA-platform company Golden Goose has deployed MCP Insight’s anti-fraud and compliance solution as part of Golden Goose’s move to create an international mVAS marketplace (DCB HUB). Its main task is to combine the efforts and expertise of advertisers and mVAS publishers from all over the world into a single ecosystem.

    Cooperation with MCP, which has enabled Golden Goose to use its Anti-Fraud and Compliance solutions, significantly expands the existing toolkit of the DCB HUB platform and allows Golden Goose clients to additionally protect marketplace participants from non-compliant promotions and any types of fraud, i.e. issues that reduce the profit of their business.

    DCB HUB is a global industry marketplace for mobile content, offers and traffic that helps create mVAS businesses.

    “Today, MCP have proven themselves in the DCB market in 27 countries from four regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa,” says Igor Kholin, Co-Founder of Golden Goose. “Cooperation with MCP is important for Golden Goose, since our international mVAS marketplace (DCB HUB) is also widely represented in these regions and it is very important for us to ensure the high quality of advertising campaigns carried out through our platform in these countries.”

    Declan Pettit Commercial Director of MCP Insight adds: “It is with great pleasure we add Golden Goose to our portfolio of clients who are keen to eradicate all types of fraud in the markets in which we mutually operate. It is the combination of Scanner (advertising fraud monitoring) and Shield (payment fraud detection) that helps provide the 360 cover for the vas marketplace so that clients can operate securely in the knowledge that their marketing investment has been protected.”

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