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Google Cloud Marketplace adds business messaging and CPaaS from MessageWhiz


MessageWhiz, a leading provider of messaging services, now has its CPaaS platform available on Google Cloud Marketplace, helping Google Cloud clients, easily create two-way conversations with their customers, send rich media messages, and secure accounts with one-time passwords using MessageWhiz’s SMS, RCS and chat apps.

The platform helps manage all engagements, and integrates easily with leading CRMs. It empowers enterprises and SMBs to deliver omnichannel support over voice, text and chat with its carrier-grade calling and messaging platform.

“We are thrilled to offer MessageWhiz’s powerful business messaging on our CPaaS platform over the Google Cloud Marketplace, which will make it easier for businesses to access our award winning solutions and improve relationships with their customers,” says Arie Frenklakh, CEO of MMDSmart, the parent company of MessageWhiz.

“We welcome MessageWhiz to the Google Cloud Marketplace,” adds a spokesperson for Google Cloud Marketplace. “This messaging platform raises the quality of offerings available to Google Cloud Marketplace subscribers, and will enable them to better control their customer communications.

Through MessageWhiz, customers can improve, monitor, and manage their voice and messaging efforts, including:

  • CPaaS: Communication platform as a Service digitally transforms the call center, placing it on the cloud and enabling businesses to easily scale call center activities over a carrier-grade voice network
  • Messaging: Reach customers over SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and other channels with rich communication options that include images, video, interactive buttons, file sharing, payment mechanisms, and more
  • Account Security: Send one-time passwords to users to secure accounts, confirm transactions, and more
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