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    Graham & Brown boosts conversion rates and average order values by focussing on mobile experience

    Popular interior design brand Graham & Brown has reported an increase in average order value (AOV) and conversion rates after implementing a testing strategy focused on the mobile experience. This strategy was designed to attract shoppers who are now returning to wallpaper as a fashionable design element for their homes.

    Stephanie Nash, Customer Journey Executive at Graham & Brown elaborated: “Graham & Brown is leading interior design trends and online is allowing us to get the latest products in front of customers quicker than ever before. Over the last five years we have seen a significant shift, firstly to online shopping and most recently, a change from desktop to mobile shopping.  We have seen a strong revival in wallpaper and identified the importance of investing in technology that would help us truly understand our customers.”

    Graham & Brown, a seven-time CoolBrands winner, which stocks wallpaper designs by leading British designers Kelly Hoppen and Julien MacDonald, decided to partner with the personalisation expert Monetate to implement a number of quick, yet very effective changes to its mobile experience for both customer in the UK and overseas.

    One significant change was to reduce the length of the product pages on mobile, hiding alternative product images from the main view, but making them available by scrolling via the main image (something the savvy mobile shopper is used to experiencing).  This increased conversion by 36 per cent and average order value (AOV) by 5 per cent.

    Going back to basics, Graham & Brown tested changing the colour of the mobile ‘add-to-basket’ button. For UK shoppers, this simple change increased AOV by four percent and conversion rate by two per cent. In the US Graham and Brown saw even great results boosting AOV by 42 per cent and conversion rate by 11 per cent.

    Graham & Brown also conducted a trial on the US site to increase data capture. Pop-ups were placed on the site for new visitors, with the incentive of a discount if visitors signed-up. This proved to be extremely effective at both gaining visitor data, as well as incentivising purchase, increasing conversion rates by 36 per cent at checkout on desktop and tablet.

    “Working with Monetate has allowed us to not only engage with our customers a lot better, but also track an individual’s shopping behaviour. It is this analysis that has allowed us to understand that many sessions on connected devices – mobile and tablets – are actually dominated by younger, tech-savvy shoppers. This data has resulted in fundamental changes to both sites. If you’re investing in personalisation and testing, you need a powerful platform to help you get the most out of what you are doing.  Monetate does that and helps us lead the market, not just follow it,” continued Stephanie Nash.

    With a greater understanding of their customer, Graham & Brown are seeing the benefits of serving personalised journeys by device and channel based upon onsite behaviours.

    Simon Farthing, Global Director Strategy and Insights at Monetate said: “Graham & Brown is an example of a popular, prominent British retailer who truly understands how even the smallest amount of testing can reap massive results. Its early results show that creative, engaging experiences have a direct impact on conversions and revenue, and bode well for creating more immersive experiences in the future.”

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