Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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    High-speed analytics helps International Telecoms Group monetise big data

    A leading provider of South-Eastern European communication services, Telekom Slovenije, has turned to Exasol, the world’s fastest in-memory analytics database in an upheaval of their previous analytics infrastructure.

    The Telekom Slovenije Group, which also acts as the national telecommunications operator in Slovenia, now has data monetisation in sight since employing the services of Exasol to face the challenges of high speed data handling.

    Telekom Slovenije worked with consulting firm CRMT to undertake its integration of Exasol, with the goal  of efficiently processing its vast amounts of data, which was siloed in different sources. The transition from its previous analytics system facilitated the communication service provider’s wishes to operate with centralised data processing on a scalable, futureproof database which will allow for future monetisation throughout its expansion.

    Having used various other analytical tools for over a decade, Telekom Slovenije sought renewal of its analytics solutions and a system that could process demanding queries on its some billion and a half lines of interconnected data. Previous systems had been unable to handle high speed processing at this scale and complexity.

    Prior to implementing Exasol’s database, the international telecoms group undertook a comparative review of the prospective analytics solutions. Exasol was capable of supporting both Python and R programming languages and it could be integrated though the ORM-functionality. Furthermore, Exasol’s broad program compatibility, low cost and low maintenance made it the clear winner for Telekom Slovenije, which was able to implement the new database system in a single day.

    Borut Rožac, Development Technologist at Telekom Slovenije recalls: “Everything went smoothly, the implementation was very easy and quick, and the migration from the virtual environment to the physical machine, used in production, was equally fast.

    “We were blown away by the exceptional performance and responsiveness of Exasol. At the same time, this is the only database we have worked with so far that has required virtually no administration once it was set up. Exasol’s database enabled us to efficiently process vast amounts of data from different sources, which simply hasn’t been possible or viable before.”

    The company now plans to expand the use of Exasol throughout other businesses in the Telekom Slovenije Group, following its effective integration and data monetisation success.


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