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    How AI can improve freelance experience

    The introduction of artificial intelligence in many industries is onewhich many employees may not welcome with open arms. There is a common misconception that AI threatens the jobs of the human workforce, by replacing staff with machines.

    However, this is untrue for the majority of fields, including the field of freelancing. In fact, the freelance experience, in general, is very much set to prosper from the rise of AI.

    But justhow AI can improve the experience, and is something hard-working freelancers should embrace?


    Freelancers have moderate to minimal human intervention throughout their working day when it comes to their work, which is why robo-advisers are set to work well for them. This type of adviser provides financial and investment advice based on algorithms and mathematical equations, and they do a very good job when they do.

    How they can improve the freelance experience, exactly? Through the fact that freelancers will no longer have to act as do-it-yourself investors for themselves, meaning they will be able to get on with whatever work they are taskedwith. Also, it’s a lot less cheap to hire a robo-adviser for a one-off piece of financial advice than it is to get a full-blown financial adviser on board.

    Virtual Office Assistance

    Freelancers become inundated with phones calls from people demanding their services as their statures grow. Fortunately, there’s an AI out there to help them! As freelancers don’t have the time to be picking up the phone all day or the money to hire a PA, embracing Virtual Office Assistance technology could prove very handy.

    Like that offered at the coworking Shoreditch offices of The Brew, Virtual Office Assistance tech allows freelancers to have their calls forwarded to a virtual receptionist. What this receptionist would do is take any information the caller wants to give, and then pass it all on the freelancer paying for the service. So, freelancers around the world can breathe a sigh of relief because they no longer have to leave their work to answer that ringing phone!

    AI Matchmaking

    Think Tinder, without all the swiping, dating and heartache. AI Matchmaking is a centralisedway for freelancers to find work, and for employers to find workers. It is a software that helps to match freelancers with the type of employment they are looking for, based on their specific skills and needs. What’s more, it helps freelancers from the stage of job searching, right through tofeedback and payment from an employer. So, any freelancers that are looking to make their everyday working life that little bit easier should be embracing it, and any employers who want to study and vet the remote freelancers they hire should be using it, too!

    Artificial intelligence is the friend of the freelance industry. It tirelessly works to make finding contacts and completing projects easier than ever. Not only that but it also helps to boost productivity by taking away time-consuming tasks, meaning you can focus on the important tasks. If you’re a freelancer, a work-from-homer or a remote employee, it’s no secret that technological advances are working in your favour, so embrace them!

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