Wednesday, June 26, 2024

    How AI provides unrivalled protection against emerging AI-driven cyber threats

    In 2022, a staggering €8.44bn vanished due to cybercrime. This alarming figure is anticipated to escalate as cybercriminals turn to AI for executing more complex attacks, stealing directly from mobile users through manipulation or device takeover.

    How can we tackle this emerging threat as powerful AI tools become more accessible to cybercriminals?

    From the beginning, Evina has heavily invested in its AI-driven threat detection capabilities, creating state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions tailored to mobile payments. This core technology serves as our countermeasure to the AI-powered industrialization of malware and deceptive content production, and is rooted in three fundamental components:

    An immense and high-quality data pool, made possible by our partnerships across 80+ countries, daily analysis of over 30 million transactions, deep web criminal modus operandi collection and a global network of honeypots designed to attract and trap malware

    A cutting-edge fingerprint matching and prediction system utilizing sophisticated machine learning methods, 

    which empowers us to not only apprehend previously identified malware but also to halt live malware upon initial contact, adeptly recognizing variations of existing threats or completely novel cyberattacks

    • A highly effective security and countermeasure system that safeguards our script from reverse-engineering attempts and adapts to threats employing advanced dynamic cryptography techniques and polymorphic codes.

    These innovations continuously strengthen its AI, allowing Evina to instantaneously protect users in Morocco when malware is detected in Thailand, delivering a truly global solution to payments cybercrime.

    The three core components of our technology drive our value proposition, achieving a remarkable detection rate of 99.98% and a minimal false positive rate of 0.06%. This enables our customers to protect their growth while significantly reducing complaints.

    To gain a deeper understanding of our technology and the central role of AI, check out the document that explains everything about Evina’s AI for malware detection

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