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    How are US voters engaging with Joe and Donald’s apps?

    With the US election fast approaching, App Annie, the mobile data and analytics platform, has shared data for theOfficial Trump 2020 app and the Vote Joe app.

    In light of the pandemic, users are engaging with mobile more this year than ever before, with the average user in the US spending over 3 hours a day in mobile. Apps are an optimal and critical way to drive digital engagement with the respective ongoing campaigns.

    Official Trump 2020 App 

    • Launch Date: Aug 16, 2016
    • Downloads: All time, has seen 2 million downloads to date (Oct 25) globally with the biggest surge in July 2020.
    • Primary Goal of the App: Register for rallies and rewards digital engagement with the campaign.
    • Cross-mobile usage: Users of the Official Trump 2020 App had high cross-mobile usage with at 44.7% and a high cross-mobile affinity (a measure of how likely these users are to use a website) with at 30.8x more likely to use than the general population in August 2020.
    • iOS App Ratings Across all Versions: 1.62 / 5 from 325k ratings (Current version: 3.36 / 5 from 24.4k ratings)  


    Vote Joe

    • Launch Date: July 21, 2020
    • Downloads: Vote Joe has seen 120,000 downloads to date (Oct 25) globally with the biggest surge in August 2020.
    • Primary Goal of the App: Vote Joe is primarily an organizing app centered around leveraging your contacts to get involved in the campaign.
    • iOS App Ratings Across All Versions: 4.64 / 5 from 3.3k ratings (same for current version)

    Lexi Sydow, Senior Insights Manager, App Annie, says, “The Official Trump 2020 App has garnered more downloads than Vote Joe (Biden’s campaign app) – however both candidates could have done more to harness the power mobile to reach the masses. More consumers than ever before are engaging heavily on mobile this year, particularly during lockdowns and social distancing measures. In fact, the average user in the US spends over 3 hours a day in mobile. Additionally the top 200 apps, each saw more than 2 million downloads in the US during Q3 2020 alone.”

    Sydow adds: “To drive engagement, many app publishers have leveraged things such as social integrations, custom sticker packs, AR filters, personalized features or gamification techniques to cultivate stickiness. We have also seen examples where the mobile app has become the ‘central hub’ of a campaign offering a simplified view of resources, ways to get involved, digital engagement, and more. It will be interesting to see how and if the winning candidate chooses to evolve his campaign app post-election season to drive further engagement.”

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