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    How HORISEN’s employee satisfaction strategy drives customer satisfaction and business success

    To thrive in today’s business landscape, companies must embrace a customer-oriented culture, where customer experience becomes a fundamental aspect of their business strategy, values, and vision. However, it is important to recognize that the employees who shape the business strategy, values, and vision are the ones who drive this customer-centric approach. Therefore, if a company desires to ensure customer satisfaction, it is crucial to prioritize the satisfaction of its employees first.

    What is employee satisfaction? 

    Employee satisfaction refers to the level of happiness and fulfilment that employees experience in meeting their desires and needs within their work environment. The essential aspect of employee satisfaction is that satisfied employees are motivated to get engaged and make valuable contributions to their company. The term generally refers to how employees are content with various aspects of their jobs, their overall employee experience, and the organizations they work for.

    Why is it important for overall business?

    Firstly, satisfied employees are more likely to stay with their companies for extended periods. This means that employee satisfaction is proportional to employee retention, for example the capability of an organisation to minimise the number of employees who voluntarily or involuntarily leave their positions within a specific timeframe. Companies realized that enhancing employee retention directly influences the performance and overall success of a business. Moreover, it decreases employee turnover which imposes significant costs on businesses.

    As a result, contented employees bring a sense of cheerfulness and enthusiasm to their interactions with customers. This positive attitude helps customers feel at ease and fosters the development of a relationship with the brand. Consequently, an improved employee experience and higher employee engagement lead to a better customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

    The secret to HORISEN’s long-term success and customer delight

    HORISEN recognised the significance of employee satisfaction in driving overall business success and customer satisfaction a long time ago. As a company which was founded in 2001 in Switzerland, it has had steady growth shaping its strategy in a scalable way. As it grew, the company aimed to create a work environment that fosters engagement, loyalty, and long-term commitment.

    HORISEN prioritises various aspects to achieve high employee satisfaction. It values work-life balance and offers flexible arrangements to accommodate individual needs, promoting overall well-being and job satisfaction. Open and transparent communication channels enable employees to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns. The company also invests in employee development, ensuring they feel valued and have the resources to enhance their skills.

    HORISEN nurtures a positive company culture that encourages teamwork, collaboration, and recognition of achievements. This approach has resulted in long-term employee retention, with key staff members staying for over 20, 15, and 10 years.

    HORISEN’s strategic approach to employee satisfaction aligns with its customer-oriented culture. By prioritizing the happiness, growth, and well-being of its employees, HORISEN ensures that they are motivated, engaged, and committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. This approach not only drives employee retention but also results in higher customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the company’s overall success in the competitive messaging business landscape.

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