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    How mobile technologies influence eLearning

    Mobile technology has had significant impacts on various sectors worldwide, not least eLearning. Education is one such sector that has been significantly impacted by mobile technologies and much of it is on the positive side. James Collins explains

    The introduction of mobile learning is the new normal in many countries. It is the provision of educational content on mobile platforms. Assessment of learners happens online via mobile devices or digital assistants. How has mobile learning influenced learning? Here are the impacts mobile technologies have on education.

    Maintained eLearning during the crisis

    In the 21st century, it has been proven that routine is a nearly impossible term. The world has witnessed several calamities that have crippled learning, the most recent one being the Covid-19 virus that brought the world to a standstill. Countries resorted to lockdowns. Mobile technology played a crucial role in ensuring that learners continued with their studies from home. Learning institutions switched to distance learning. 

    War is another crisis that has ravaged learning institutions in some countries. Students in war-prone countries risk missing a chance to study. The introduction of mobile learning is a blessing to such students because even in life-threatening situations, they can safely stay home receive education, which is a fundamental right.  

    Various online learning apps and software and writing services have helped students tremendously. Writix, a leading essay writing service, receives academic writing orders from students on mobile devices and ensures quick delivery and great quality of work. It ensures that students don’t have to come in contact with different people for writing help as it increases the chance of being infected with the virus. 

    Has made learning more interesting

    The old model of education restricted learning to classrooms. Having a fixed time table with a limiting of lessons to one classroom encouraged boredom in learners. Mobile learning allows students to study from a place of choice by communicating with teachers and fellow students online. 

    Brain function better when someone is happy and comfortable. Online learning makes learning enjoyable; therefore, a learner’s full potential is realized. Furthermore, comfortable learning spaces that the student chooses to take online classes increase the concentration-time. Mastery of content is achievable with favorable where learning conditions are conducive. 

    Learning has become more accessible

    Traditional learning devices were very bulky, making it difficult for learners to study. Learners wasted a lot of time on single research using the vast computers and course books, which often confused the learners and took away important time. Moreover, the study materials were various because there were several books, each belonging to a single subject. 

    With mobile technology, the centralization of learning and learning materials became possible. Students can use one mobile device for all the lessons. Moreover, the availability of digital resurces and ebooks plays a vital role in the smooth delivery of learning. Learners can access the books online or install them on mobile devices and access them anytime and anywhere.

    Offers new opportunities for learning institutions and stakeholders

    Introduction and embracing of mobile learning do not mean the end of the primary educational system but instead, complementing the two forms of learning improves education delivery.  

    Mobile learning makes it possible for educational institutions to increase the number of students by introducing distance learning. Most of these institutions are already stretched to capacity by the number of students in the institution. Tapping more into distance learning improves understanding by increasing capacity. 

    Mobile learning also offers other educational stockholders an opportunity to invest. Startups in the online learning sphere are the greatest beneficiaries because a change means new opportunities for everyone involved in the process. A simple mobile app for writing effectively means tons of benefits for the students, academicians and even the people behind it’s development.  

    Better access to eLearning materials

    The internet offers students unlimited access to learning materials. It provides a variety of information that learners can access anytime. The secret to success in mobile learning is choosing the most informative articles or e-books. 

    Online learning materials are very cheap. Several learning materials are accessible free of charge, while the ones that need subscriptions are cheap. With this, the barriers that befell the education sector due to social class barriers were eliminated. Everyone has a chance to learn. It only takes self-will and determination. 


    Mobile technology has had a substantial positive impact on the education sector. However, some misusing technology has some negative implications on the industry. Some learners use mobile technology during exams to cheat. Learners must be taught the importance of using mobile technology correctly to prevent the situation where education process is negatively impacted.


    James Collins works in the banking sector as head of sales in the personal loan department. He is an MBA in finance and marketing and, on a part-time basis, loves to help students with their academic writing in essays, thesis and dissertations. When he’s free, he loves to watch sports on tv, read business magazines and inspirational books.

    Image: yanalya at freepik

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