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    How to choose the best professional call centre solutions

    In a saturated market, companies compete with one another by trying to provide the best possible consumer experience, and customer service has a massive role to play in that.

    This has become a major determining factor in the popularity of brands and the success of businesses. In light of that, picking the right call centre software solution for your business is all the more imperative. Below are some of the things to look for as you go about finding the best solution for you.

    Important Features

    Certain functionalities are must haves in any potential call centre software, so before signing the dotted line, you’ll want to ascertain whether these features are present.

    Intelligent Routing

    For inbound call centres, quick call resolution and agent productivity are vital, which is why intelligent routing comes in handy. This allows calls and tasks to be directed to an agent with a suitable skill set and availability to tackle the query. In theory, this should lead to a satisfying customer experience.

    Interactive Voice Response

    Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions are becoming increasingly common. IVR helps direct new callers to the right agents by asking a few basic questions. In addition to speech recognition and natural language processing, the right call centre solution will reduce the number of prompts customers have to go through before being transferred to an appropriate agent; hence, streamlining the entire support procedure.

    Integration With CRM

    If you’re an outbound call centre, success is achieved by reaching the right customers. That’s why call centre solutions should integrate with your current customer relationship management software. This empowers agents to track and manage their interactions and use analytics to amplify their success.

    Streamlining Omnichannel Communications

    In an industry that relies on multiple selling and communications channels, an omnichannel call centre is a crucial modern-day standard. This should allow call centres to track customer queries across all sales and communication channels at once. Namely, by consolidating several threads into one, so communication remains consistent throughout.

    Self-Service Options

    As many as 70 per cent of consumers expect companies to offer some form of self-service on their website. If you’re not already offering self-service touchpoints and automated chatbots that enable buyers to solve minor issues, now’s the time to re-evaluate your customer service strategy.

    Other important factors

    In addition to the features mentioned above, top-of-the-line call centre software should also offer:

    • Reliability: No one can afford for their system to go down — just think of the adverse implications this would have on customer satisfaction. So, always look for software with 99.999 per cent uptime.
    • Security and Encryption: Identity theft is a thorny issue that could cost a company its reputation. That’s why call centre solutions should offer top-notch encryption and up-to-date security measures that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).
    • Reports and Analytics: Call centre solutions should help businesses analyse processes using reporting and analytics tools. This data often illustrates the efficiency of agents as well as areas of weakness that can then be improved upon.

    Tailored Services

    Call centre solutions should provide excellent customer service and work with your business to achieve the customised platform you need for your call centre. Whether this means providing a specific set of features, deciding on a custom quote or offering cloud-based solutions where required, call centre software providers need to be agile and customer-focused.

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