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5 Beneficial Mobile Apps For People With Hearing Disabilities

More than 10 million people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing disability. As the general population continues to age, the number is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Thanks to tech advances, those who suffer from hearing loss have dozens of mobile apps that they can leverage for education, communication, and leisure. Here are the top 5 mobile apps for people with hearing disabilities:

1. Have You Heard

As the name suggests, this mobile app is designed for individuals with hearing impairments. It amplifies ambient sound, thus enabling you to listen to conversations more clearly and understand them better. Have You Heard can come in handy when conversing in noisy places such as restaurants. With this app, you can hoose to focus on conversations by using the “focus far/near” feature.

To start amplifying conversations using the app, you only need to connect your phone to a headphone. The volume of the conversations can also get adjusted to suit your needs. In case you fail to catch something during a conversation, the app can replay it at the touch of a button. Have You Hear is available to both Android and iOS users for free.

2. Rogervoice

If you have hearing loss or you have difficulty speaking, there’s no better app to use than Rogervoice. This app produces live transcriptions during phone calls. The transcriptions are available in over 100 different languages. With Rogervoice, people with hearing loss get to have more audible phone conversations besides receiving typed texts of whatever is being said. This speech-to-text app can also translate voicemail messages into emails and texts.

3. TapSOS

Individuals with hearing disabilities are more prone to environmental risks and hazards compared to those with normal hearing. If you have hearing loss, TapSOS is one of the apps you can leverage during emergencies to seek the help you need. This app is designed to help you communicate conveniently with emergency services providers without the need to speak or listen.

Since it’s a visual app, you only need to tap on your phone’s screen during an emergency to select the option you need. TapSOS will automatically contact emergency services. Although this app was originally meant for people with hearing disabilities, it can also come in handy if you have breathing difficulties, or if you find yourself held against your will. In such situations, you can contact emergency services or the policy without having to speak.

TapSOS stores personal information, including your medical history. When you contact emergency services via the app, the information will be delivered automatically to the selected emergency service. Besides, it comes with a GPS feature for pinpointing your exact location, thus ensuring a timely response by emergency services.

4. Sound Amplifier

This Android and iOS mobile app is designed to amplify conversations while cancelling background noises, thus enabling you to listen better. It has a feature for improving audio quality during conversations to provide a natural and more comfortable listening experience to individuals with hearing loss.

5. Talkitt

Hearing loss and speech disorders are often comorbid. If you have a speech and hearing disorder, the Talkitt app can help you to amplify unintelligible conversations. It also helps you to navigate your smartphone, make mobile payments, and translate conversations into your preferred language. Talkitt has a spoken feedback feature that responds in real-time.

 Key Takeaways

After a Phonak Online Hearing Test reveals you have hearing loss, one of the questions that will run in your mind is how to live normally. Nevertheless, there are lots of mobile apps you can leverage to live an indulgent and fuller life while reducing dependence on others.

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