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5 Technologies In Mobile Gaming To Lookout For

Gaming had grown so much throughout the decades. From classic games and game consoles that most 90s kids have grown up with, to the many ways you can play games now, the industry surely has gone a long way. Who would have thought that there would come a time when you would be able to play huge games from your mobile device? Mobile gaming has gone so huge right now, with a lot of mobile titles now also being played professionally as an esport.

Aside from that, online gambling had also gone to the smartphone, with mobile casinos getting better with new features and functionalities being introduced now and then. But is that all we can expect from the mobile gaming industry? What are the other upcoming technologies in mobile gaming?

Here are some of them.

Virtual reality

VR is no longer new in gaming. In virtual reality gaming, players get to jump into an immersive experience of the game world through the use of a VR device worn over their heads. IT offers 360 degrees of video and audio, simulating a total experience of the game.

VR in mobile is already a thing, although the selection of apps and games for it is very limited. For one, Google released an affordable VR mobile gear called the Google Cardboard.

There are also VR games available through the Google Play Store, although we are still far from achieving ultra-realistic quality of gaming for mobile phones.

Augmented reality

If VR is “living” in the world of the game, AR is all about bringing the world of the game to the real world. One of the best and most relatable examples of this is Pokémon Go, which allows players to hunt and “catch” Pokémon located in real world locations.

While these Pokémon are not real, tangible beings (yet), they are presented within the environment through AR.

Bitcoin casinos

Even online gambling sites and apps have started to embrace cryptocurrency.  A Bitcoin casino features games that are no different from the usual online casino. What makes it special is that it offers better customer privacy and anonymity, with the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

A Bitcoin casino is the perfect form of online betting for someone who is extra sensitive with their personal information being used in online services.

Cloud gaming technology

While there is already a huge selection of mobile games with eye-popping graphics comparable to a PC or console game, mobile gamers still look for specific titles that are exclusively available outside of mobile for now. Cloud gaming technology can solve this problem.

With cloud gaming, gamers can access a PC or console game remotely through the server of a service provider and be able to play it through their mobile device, or another computer. Although it already exists, there are still problems that need to be ironed out, such as the issue of input lag.

Better graphics and resolution

Back in the day, we are already impressed and amazed by the maximum resolution quality brought by the DVD format–which is at 480p only. However, as newer technologies in entertainment and gaming get developed, the resolution peak gets higher and higher, too.

Now, the latest generation of TVs and gaming consoles have native hardware support for 8K Ultra HD resolution or 7680 × 4320 pixels. This is twice as much as the 4K format that has become more popular through the years. Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X both have support for this. For now, although there are phones that support 8K recording, we may have to wait a little longer to see a mobile game in 8K, or even 4K.

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