Sunday, July 21, 2024
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AI Technology is Firing the iGaming Sector into Another Stratosphere

The global online casino industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with Artificial intelligence (AI) technology at the heart of it.

From enhancing user experiences to establishing fair play and responsible gaming measures, AI is reshaping traditional ways of online casino operations.

One of the most significant AI applications in the global online gambling sector is personalisation.

By using AI algorithms to analyse player data, including preferences and playing patterns, casino operators have crafted an innovative way to offer tailored game recommendations, bonuses and promotions to make every player feel special.

They also assess the peak gambling times, the most popular games and customer demographics to adjust their offerings to satisfy the needs and preferences of their players.

Operators have expertly leveraged AI to take online gambling to the next level, shifting it from the confines of desktop and laptop devices into the mobile domain.

This has created a landscape where smartphones are now the go-to device for most online casino players and ‘mobile-first’ game development is the name of the game.

Machine Learning (ML) has also become essential to casino operators’ continuous efforts to ensure responsible gaming.

AI algorithms developed for online casinos track player behaviour and can identify problem gambling much faster than any human detector, allowing providers to intervene when necessary.

Live Solutions Eager to Leverage the Power of AI

Live Solutions provides integrated IT and web services to online casinos. Its Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Pierre Houareau, believes using AI presenters could be the next step in integrating the technology in the industry.

“Our AI presenters are a new initiative to work alongside our live hosts,” Houareau said. “They will manage the game action and keep players informed just like a live host would.

“AI presenters offer huge benefits as they give operators the ability to communicate with their players. AI presenters can target a particular player and give them a specific message.

“For example, a player can be reminded during a game that they need to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation to the operator.”

Houareau thinks this enhanced communication between operators and players, especially the personalised element, will make online casinos more attentive to clients’ needs.

AI is not only improving existing casino games, but is also driving the development of new ones, particularly for mobile devices.

This is thanks to its ability to simulate billions of game scenarios and outcomes, assisting developers in creating fine-tuned game rules and rewards to entice player engagement.

AI on Track to Transform Online Blackjack

Leading iGaming jurisdictions such as Ireland have been at the forefront of the drive to push innovation in the mobile casino gaming sector.

Online blackjack games in Ireland have become hugely popular in recent years, transitioning seamlessly from land-based venues onto online casino sites.

AI could be the next big thing for blackjack players in Ireland and further afield, particularly with regards to improving an individual’s skill.

Models designed and trained for blackjack gaming can analyse patterns faster than a human being and improve a player’s in-play techniques and decisions.

AI’s unique ability to generate algorithms after spotting patterns can then offer players valuable information which is usable in real-time.

However, it is worth noting that insights provided by AI-driven tools can only derive from traditional blackjack strategies already tried and tested by humans. In this regard, they wouldn’t offer innovation but a proven approach.

Gaming Expert Believes AI Has Moved Marketing Boundaries in the Casino Industry

Izabela Wisniewska, Co-Founder & Head of Search Marketing at Creatos Media, insists the impact AI is having on marketing is immense but admits overreliance on technology could be counterproductive.

She says that by learning to use AI tools properly, online casino operators can streamline their processes and help with time-consuming tasks or creative blocks.

“We use it for proofreading, content ideations, social media ideations, internal linking strategy development, sometimes image creation, and, from the admin perspective, we use it to take notes on meetings for example,” Wisniewska said.

“I think the main risk is relying on AI too much. We have to remember that there always has to be a human involved in the process, and no, I don’t mean submitting a request to Chat GPT.

“We can use AI to help us but can’t solely rely on AI to produce a whole outcome for us, and unfortunately, many people seem to fall into extremes of either not using AI at all or relying on it solely.”

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