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Bingo and gaming– which iphone is the best choice for you?

Buying a new phone can be exciting, but unless you’re already a mobile technology fanatic, it can also be alienating. With all the choices and new technologies that constantly evolve, finding the right device can involve more than a little guesswork. In addition, the high popularity of gaming puts extra importance on having the right device for your social and entertainment requirements as well as your basic needs such as messaging and maps. Knowing this, we devised this article to help those looking for a new iPhone gaming device.

To accomplish this, we’ve decided on three different tiers of iPhones, entry-level, mid-tier, and high performance. At each of these, we’ll compare three different levels of gaming from entry-level games like bingo, to mid- and higher-demanding games like Call of Duty as measuring sticks. While bingo might be as freely accessible as you’d expect, there are still important factors to keep in mind.


If you’re considering an entry-level gaming phone, then chances are you’re looking for a low-requirement game like bingo. These sorts of browser-based experiences are incredibly efficient, so if you want to play online bingo games like Housey Bingo or Cash Cubes, you can expect a high-quality experience on cheaper or older devices.

To this end, even the standard iPhone 12 will be complete overkill for your needs. That is not to say the iPhone 12 is bad, it’s fantastic, but unless you’re interested in all its modern features it could be worth taking a step back. For bingo, you could easily go back to the less costly iPhone 7 series, released in 2016, and still play every online title without issue.

We’d caution users to expect limited performance in mid- and high-level games as they have larger worlds. For top of the line games, accessing them via older entry-level devices will be mostly impossible, so keep that in mind.

Mid-tier gaming

In mid-tier gaming, which involves the vast majority of current mobile games, you’ll want to start around the iPhone 8 level to ensure decent performance. For the current-gen, a base iPhone 12 should allow you to play any of these standard games at maximum settings, or close to it. Otherwise, anywhere between these two points will work fine. This applies to bingo as well, where performance should never be a concern.

At this level, players should also be able to get involved with mid-level games without too much difficulty. Just note here that depending on the device, gameplay could suffer, requiring players to significantly drop quality on older generations to achieve desirable performance.

Performance gaming

At the higher end, players could turn to any 12 series iPhone or the Apple iPhone Pro of the last couple of generations. At this point, any mid-tier games could play at the absolute maximum settings offered. Of course, bingo will still play perfectly, with the performance overhead likely making these devices able to run dozens of bingo games simultaneously, not that anyone would.

This is also going to be the point where the higher level games such as Call of Duty will be playable as intended, in high settings, and at high frame-rates. Another thing to consider here is storage, regardless of your exact model selected. High-end games have ballooned to massive sizes over the last few years, so maximising drive space is always going to be a priority.

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Finding the balance

While these ideas should give you an impression of where to start, users should remember that finding the right phone for gaming is a subjective experience. This is perhaps best illustrated by screen size. Some players will be fine with a smaller screen, while others might prefer a larger viewing space.

Your subjective tastes here and in other areas like maximum frame-rate can create vastly different needs. Because of this, it can be best to take devices for a test-run before purchase to find your perfect fit, if possible. Play a few rounds of bingo or go exploring the other wonders in the gaming universe so you know what you’re in for. Keep these concepts in mind, and the chances of getting the most out of your new iPhone will be all the better for it.

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