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Bitcoin Casino and Top Gambling Trends in 2022

You should understand that the newer the technologies, the greater the acceptance. The introduction of online casino platforms is a step in the right direction; when we thought it was the best innovation in the online casino space, the bitcoin casino sharply came into the limelight. According to the latest statistics, the online gambling industry was valued at $66.7 billion in 2020, and the figure is expected to rise to $92.9 billion in 2023.

With the many technological trends that have been introduced into the system, more awareness has been created about both the online casino and bitcoin casinos alike. The major driving force here are technological advancements: the more it is introduced to the public, the more prospective members find the need to try it out. Below, we have listed some of the known trends that have greeted both the bitcoin casino and the gambling industry at large in 2022.

Top 7 Gambling Trends in 2022


As you know, cryptocurrency is gradually taking over money as we know it, and the casino industry is one of the many sectors that have abducted this technology. The integration of cryptocurrencies into the system gave birth to the bitcoin casino: a gambling platform that accepts bitcoin as a mode of payment. Not just bitcoin, other coins like Ethereum and Dogecoin will soon follow.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

If you are still amazed at the introduction of a bitcoin casino, the arrival of augmented reality will blow your mind. But that’s the reality; VR technology is not limited to video games; it is now coming to the gambling industry. It has also been in use in most sports betting houses. So, probably by the end of 2022, it must have gathered much attention.

eSports Betting

You Must have heard about esports video gaming? You must have also heard about esports betting. But what you don’t know is that it has not gained as much popularity as the bitcoin casino or even online casino platforms. But not anymore. 2022 will change all that; there will be an explosion in the world of esports betting, judging from the popularity of games like DOTA and the kind of participation the esports event is generating so far.

Social Betting

This business was motivated by bettor’s love to discuss their bets with family and friends. This has given birth to community bet features that allow such conversion to find its way online. Although the social type of Betting has different reactions from different people, it’s slow recognition, especially in a place like the UK. But 2022 will see the rise of social Betting as people gradually notice its impact.

Micro Betting

Believe it or not, the days of which team will win a match, which team will score the first goal? And the rest of it is finally rounding up, thanks to the emergence of Micro Betting. Unlike the usual, Micro Betting is more interested in smaller details like which player will score the next goal? Which player takes the next corner kick? And the player first gets a yellow card.

Safer Gambling

Although the safety of any casino platform, both pine and offline, lies on the shoulders of the operators. But this time, it will lie more in the hands of government regulators. Casino enthusiasts should expect more secured regulations that will focus more on protecting both the customer and the operators. Although some will see it as harsh, it will make the gambling industry safer than it is.

There will be more Gambling Options in the Entertainment Sector

Do you think sports betting is the only popular betting option in the gambling industry? Wait till the year-end of 2022, when entertainers finally besiege the industry. We have reasons to believe that Netflix was hinting at the arrival of the entertainment sector in the gambling industry when it started releasing movies and series that had to do with that. Again, Disney is looking to partner with some gambling companies to explore more opportunities in sports gambling deals.

Finally, even if you are not a firm believer in predictions, the emergence of this trend in 2022 will be so visible that it will suppress all doubts. The list we have made above is not the only gambling trend of 2022; there are more, but those mentioned above are the most popular.


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