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Clear Communication: The Heart of The Sprawling Casino and Automobile Industries

People are using their smartphones to visit retail websites more than ever now, yet despite this significant increase in mobile traffic, some businesses are failing to respond to this change in consumer behaviour.

Consumers on the go with a mobile device demand information and feedback at a moment’s notice to make instant purchasing decisions. While geo-targeted push notifications, geo-targeted ads and buying online pickup in-store are some of the ways businesses are drawing mobile consumers towards their location to make a purchase, for effective targeting of mobile consumers, live mobile chat is becoming a requirement.

Two industries that have employed live mobile chat to enhance their customer’s experience are currently flourishing and stand as examples of what can be achieved with proper implementation of the technology.

Online casinos are all in

Increasingly, online casinos are replicating the experience of stepping inside brick-and-mortar, land-based casinos with virtual casino presences. A key part of this online conversion is the interactive and immersive resource that enables players to engage with real-time croupiers and other players within a game.

In live mobile gaming, games such as blackjack, craps, baccarat, and the more recent game show experiences have begun to incorporate chat facilities. For example, if you were to play a game like  online roulette from Betfair Casino, you would have the option of playing a live iteration. For the live dealer element to work, there needs to be some interaction between the players and the dealer, and for that, there is a live mobile chat function. While some of this back and forth is chit-chat, it shouldn’t be dismissed as unnecessary.

Many players value human interaction and prefer to deal with a robot. However, much of the live mobile chat is from other players within the game seeking support as classic casino games can be more complex online with various multipliers and other features. Players have an expectation that issues will be resolved or clarification provided as they are playing and still focused on the game. With real money on the line, support needs to be available as the action unfolds.

Through a thorough review of the live mobile chats, online casinos are able to recognise where players might need support and adjust their communication or processes to provide a more fluid user experience. Trust is essential to online casinos and in-game live mobile chat builds that, allow players to feel confident in the service.

Off the lot

While the  Vauxhall Cors a is generating sales, the car market, in general, is experiencing tough times and one glimmer of hope could be in the emerging rise of eCommerce car sales. As buying a car is generally a large investment for individuals, buying online has always been treated with some scepticism.

While car show Top Gear is less popular nowadays, people commonly seek advice before making a car purchase as its a big investment and buyers are desperately seeking value for money. By employing a real-live mobile chat service with automotive experts, potential buyers are able to ask any questions without the need to travel to the dealership time and again.

Essentially, through live mobile chat, the customer also feels less inhibited to ask questions that might demonstrate a lack of knowledge or experience with motor vehicles. When chatting with an industry expert, the customer can be transferred to the dealership in order to finalise a sale, but professional advice remains available.

This process allows customers to avoid being hit with the hard sell and a test drive can easily be arranged by either confirming a time to visit the dealership or arranging for the car to be delivered to a person’s home or place of work. While most car sales still take place face-to-face, eCommerce car sales will continue to grow thanks largely to the correct implementation of live mobile chat.

The technology for live mobile chat has been around for a while but as consumers increasingly require immediate engagement, businesses will find that adopting a live mobile chat policy is essential.

People generally don’t want to talk to someone on their phone, particularly someone they don’t know. With email exchanges considered monotonous and unappealing, interactive, live mobile chat boxes hit the happy medium that currently appeals to consumers and shows no sign of ceasing to be the preferred communication method. Live mobile chat can address consumer needs, is real-time, rapid and personal, without inducing anxiety or aversion. For all kinds of businesses, the live mobile chat is becoming an increasingly invaluable tool for customer satisfaction, retention, and conversion.

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