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Crypto Casinos: Are they also in vogue in England?

Gambling has been an important part of British culture for centuries and people simply love it. There were significant changes with the legislation in 2005, because from then on gamblers could finally play legally in online casinos.

Deposits can be made at online casinos in a wide variety of ways. In order to maintain security and anonymity, a deposit with a cryptocurrency is definitely a good option. This option of supplying your account with cash is becoming increasingly popular and it is fair to say that crypto casinos in England are in vogue. But why is that?

What makes crypto casinos so popular?

All transactions with the cryptocurrency are encrypted and therefore absolutely secure. This encryption and security takes place in a special system called blockchain. In the Bitcoin system, many volunteers work together to encrypt the transactions. This ensures that third parties cannot spy on the personal data and that it is therefore absolutely secure.

Furthermore, all transactions are absolutely transparent. Therefore, it is impossible to cheat within this system or to deceive the system. All transactions are also irrevocable. Once a crypto coin has been bought or sold, it cannot be reclaimed.

In addition, payment with cryptocurrencies ensures absolute anonymity, as no personal data has to be disclosed here. This makes payment with cryptocurrencies particularly attractive for gamblers.

Playing at a crypto casino – what are the rules?

Visiting an online casino is not only entertaining, but of course also quite rewarding in the event of a win. Of course, you also have to abide by some certain rules when it comes to gambling in the UK. However, these are by far not subject to as many restrictions as is the case in Germany, for example. These rules have even been in force since 2005 and the UK seems to have a good grip on the matter.

Maximum stakes for slot games in online casinos

In England, too, the maximum stakes are discussed again and again. While other countries – to stay with the example of Germany – set them at 1 euro per spin in slot games, for example, in England it is still possible to play with stakes well beyond the 100 pound limit. However, regulatory approaches in this direction have so far always been rejected.

Pause between two spins

Only a 2.5 second period between two spins in slot games exists in the United Kingdom. But this regulation is comparatively mild when you think about the double-long duration of the new regulation in Germany, which every gambler rightly gets upset about because it interrupts the flow of the game and all fun is lost.

The fact that England has such player-friendly regulations also prevents gamblers from having to look for other providers than the ones at home, where there are no restrictions. Here, of course, the corresponding tax revenues flow into the domestic state coffers.

Deposit limits in Great Britain

There is also no restriction on the amount of monthly deposits in the United Kingdom. It could probably also be circumvented quite quickly, as one would then again have the possibility to play in foreign casinos that would not be connected to any controlling authority.

The ban on credit card payments

Although England – as already described above – comes up without major restrictions in the area of gambling, there is then nevertheless a prohibition. Namely, it is not possible in England to deposit at an online casino with a credit card. This is to prevent players from getting into debt, which would of course be quite possible with a normal credit card, albeit with a limit. However, this payment method is naturally not of interest to the player who deposits with cryptos anyway.

If we draw a conclusion regarding the rules in gambling in England, we can say that the approach taken here offers both the players and the providers of gambling the greatest possible freedom.

Other highlights that a crypto casino offers

As described above, the rules that the legislation of the United Kingdom provides for gambling – are lenient and do not restrict the enjoyment of it to any significant extent. This creates the best conditions for players to enjoy the bonuses that a crypto casino also has in store for its customers.

Welcome bonuses and bonuses for existing customers

Crypto casinos also offer their new customers a welcome bonus. This is usually 100% up to an amount X. This means that the deposited amount is doubled by the casino. This gives the player the opportunity to try out twice as many games or, of course, to increase the stake per spin accordingly.

Existing customers are also pampered, not to say kept happy, with corresponding bonus offers, because ultimately the casino can only earn if the customers bring in the corresponding money – or in the case of a crypto casino Bitcoin & Co.

But then the crypto casino doesn’t skimp on bonuses either. Here the range is large. The casinos grant:

● reload bonus

● free spins without deposit

● cashback

Bonuses are generally linked to certain turnover conditions. These include, among other things, the wagering requirement, a predefined factor by which the deposit amount plus the bonus amount are multiplied. The resulting amount must be wagered before any winnings can be paid out.

Reload bonus

To make another deposit, customers receive a so-called reload bonus. In some casinos, this is given once a week, either at the beginning of the week to sweeten the start of the week or at the weekend to ring in the weekend accordingly. The reload bonus is also granted for a certain amount X and can amount to between 25 and 100 percent.

No deposit free spins

A bonus for which you don’t have to make a deposit is of course very coveted, but it is correspondingly rare. But sometimes you are lucky and the provider grants these free spins, for example, to promote a newly released slot.


Cashback is very popular and is also known from other areas, for example as a payback card that can be used when shopping or filling up with petrol. With cashback, you get a certain percentage of the lost stakes back from the provider.

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