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Features Gamers Love To See In A Mobile Game

Back in the day, people simply didn’t think that the mobile gaming industry will be successful. Most of those people had to eat their words and admit that they were wrong. Sure, mobile games are not as popular as video games that are made for consoles and computers, but they offer a unique gaming experience. Mobile games are convenient and that is one of the main reasons why so many people love them. But, not all mobile games are the same. Some are better than others. The easiest way to determine which games are better than the others is to see the features. Here are the features gamers love to see in a mobile game.

Simple Controls

When it comes to video games for mobile phones, game design is the most challenging part. The game makers must create controls that allow the player to perform the necessary things in the game, but those controls must be simple. There is usually no room for elaborate controls on a mobile screen. That is why game designers must be rather creative. Gamers love to see simple controls that don’t take up too much of the screen.


When people discuss rewards in mobile games, they usually mention casino sites and online casino games. Sure, it is logical for those games to have rewards, but not all mobile games have them. Gamers love rewards and that is a feature they love to see, regardless of the genre. Rewards do not have to be based on money. It can be a perk like a special weapon, for example. Rewards make people want to log in every day and play the game for hours.

Simple Sound Settings

This may seem like a pretty common thing, but you would be surprised to know how many mobile games do not have a simple sound setting. That can be rather frustrating, especially if you want to play the game without sound. For example, if you are lying in bed and you don’t want to wake up your spouse, simple sound settings is what you want to see in the game. There are people who love a specific game, but they simply don’t want to play it because of the frustrating sound settings.

The Pause Option

A lot of mobile games don’t have the pause option. That can be pretty frustrating because a phone call may disrupt your gaming experience and ruin your progress in the game. That is why gamers love to see the pause option in the game. When someone calls them while they are playing the game, they can simply pause the game, take the call, and then resume the game when they finish the call. It is a pretty simple option and it seems like every mobile game should have it. At least, that is what passionate gamers think.

Transparent Icons

Mobile screens are small and that means that there is not much room for text. That is why people who design mobile games use icons. But, in order for icons to work, they simply must be clear and transparent. Icons with abstract symbols will only confuse the players. When gamers have clear icons on the screen, they know exactly what to do. That makes their gaming experience much better. That allows them to relish the beautiful game design and story.

Are the features we discussed today something you love to see in a mobile game? What other features make your gaming experience comfortable?

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