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OPINION Future of the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry is particularly prone to innovation, as it attracts huge investments searching for the next big thing in entertainment. Without surprise, technology such as the one found in most renowned e-wallet services owe much of their reputation to the online casino industry, along with several others that have affected the way we live. Samuel Richardson shares his expert opinion on what the future holds for the ever-competitive iGaming industry.

Bigger, better, faster

What is iGaming? The simplest definition would include the majority of online casino and gambling software. Those who play bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonus game are sailing through the open sea that is iGaming.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that future gaming technology associated with this segment is fast-paced. The constant growth in investment from heavyweight names in the industry has brought immersive experiences and richer graphics. Along, we’ve witnessed further creativity when it comes to placing a bet or recovering the spoils of war after a loss.

With that in mind, a few gadgets are now emerging in the UK online casino industry, redefining what most of us know and take for granted. Virtual reality is one of those areas where endless potential may serve as an excuse for players to impersonate James Bond in Casino Royale – the casino scenes, that is.

Multiple rooms and exotic environments are a mere swipe’s distance away, and for those who believe the experience is merely virtual, it’s possible to bring along many fellow players to play together in these lifelike virtual rooms.

VR technology has been around for years, but only now, especially with new gaming technology in 2021 are we able to find the necessary graphics power to bring experiences to a whole new level.

As prices of VR sets drop in the UK and the technology improves, the way users consume entertainment is set to change. People will be eager to become part of the experience rather than simple spectators.

Anywhere, everywhere

What is iGaming doing about the devices on our pockets? Smartphones have evolved well past their ability to call and text, or even send a funny shot at the local pub. 

With processors that would put some of the best gaming machines of the past to shame and superfast internet access, there isn’t much left to turn these into complete entertainment machines

With recent technology such as screen mirroring, users are no longer limited to a smartphone’s smallish screen and can take the experience to the largest possible screen they can find. The same can be expected when mixing VR and smartphone technology, an area that has witnessed huge leaps in content quality and availability.

Stream it

One of the biggest leaps in future gaming technology is already taking place in the UK. Whilst many of us are still wondering what’s the best computer, smartphone, or console within a certain budget, the concept is shifting completely.

Instead of owning expensive hardware and updating it year after year, users can now pay monthly subscriptions to access the best processing power money can buy. Owning a computer or a console may soon prove irrelevant when any type of content can be streamed – including games – to any available screen in your house. 

This change will allow developers to focus more on creating quality products that won’t need to be fine-tuned across several different platforms. By saving money and time, players can expect a growing catalogue of great experiences.

To an extent, most online casinos already make use of that concept by allowing developers to deliver their platform and access to their game offer via a system that works on similar grounds.

What does this mean for iGaming?

In several ways, new gaming technology in 2021 will be kept under close watch by iGaming companies.

The future of the iGaming industry may prove to be more global, interactive, and immersive. Virtual worlds and online casinos in the UK will be able to fuse in a manner that no one has experienced before, where a mix of artificial intelligence characters and human players will meet to indulge in exciting gambling experiences.

Assuming the ability to take full advantage of our senses keeps growing from a technological point of view, physical casinos will have to find ways to reinvent themselves as the traditional, yet unique product they still are today. 


Samuel Richardson is Site Reliability Engineer at Play.Casino


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