Monday, July 15, 2024
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Google to Allow Mobile Casino Apps in More Countries

The existence of real-money gambling apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store has always been a source of controversy. While there are online gaming sites with native apps on these app stores, their distribution is very limited. Even with restrictions in place, however, gambling apps are very popular among players.

In a rather surprising move, Google has announced that it will be allowing gambling and mobile casino apps on its Play Store in select countries. This is a move that will add fuel to an already rapid mobile gambling market growth. How far will Google’s decision affect the market? Are we about to see more (and better) mobile casino apps?

Available in the US and Other Countries

Until very recently, Google only allowed gambling apps to be searchable and available in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland. In fact, Brazil and France are the only other countries in which you can download mobile casino games directly from the Google Play Store. There is a simple reason for this: the regulations in other countries are not conducive enough for Google to allow mobile casino apps on its Play Store; at least that’s what the company’s legal and PR teams have always said.  You don’t even have to personally visit the country of Denmark, but simply go to and make sure that the casinos in this country are worthy.

The announcement from Google confirmed that the company will allow mobile casino apps to be available to US players. This is a huge news, considering how big the mobile gaming market is in the United States. Google doesn’t just stop there. The company also announced 14 other countries in which mobile gambling apps have been made available. Canada and Mexico are both in that list, along with Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

European countries are also included in the list, as we are seeing countries like Germany, Belgium, Finland, and Denmark also included in the announcement. To complete the set, players in Norway, Romania, Sweden, and Spain are also getting mobile casino apps on their Play Store. Columbia is another country that will also get whitelisted by Google. The market for online casino gaming is relatively large in the country, so it is not surprising to find Google including Colombia as it allows mobile casino apps in more markets.

The Best Games at Your Fingertips

This announcement is not just good for online casinos, but also good for players. Online casinos will be able to reach new players in new markets now that their native apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store, but access to new markets is far from the only advantage.

Online casinos will also be able to build a larger network of global players. This will result in network-related jackpots such as progressive slots jackpots growing at a faster pace. Don’t be surprised to see mobile casino big winners raking in more than $1 million more frequently.

For players in the whitelisted countries, the possibilities are endless. Hundreds of the best online casino games will now be at their fingertips, and they can play their favourite games while pursuing real cash prizes. There are big jackpots to win for sure.

Games like mobile slots are becoming more exciting to play. Native mobile casino apps can take full advantage of smartphone hardware, including high refresh rate screens and better processors. The result is an immersive online casino experience for mobile players.

The games are plenty too. You can have a look here to learn more about the different slots games that will soon be available. Hundreds of slots variations are at your fingertips, along with the jackpots they offer. Table games like Blackjack and Roulette will also be very popular among mobile players.

The Era of Mobile Gambling

The announcement from Google signals a new era for mobile gambling. Mobile gambling has always been an option for players, but native support through native apps – with the best performance and exceptional user experience – will bring mobile gaming to more players.

The presence of welcome bonuses and special offers is also interesting for players. Online casinos are competing in a tight market, so it is not surprising to see them upping their bonus offers. Players can easily double their initial bankroll with the right bonus offer.

All these signs point to an exciting time for online casino industry players. Top sites are already taking steps to capitalise on the newfound access to more players. Others will follow suit soon after.

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