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How can mobile casinos get all online players paying?

Thanks to lockdown, many mobile casinos are seeing a surge of new users. Those that like a flutter anyway – not least on sports – are increasingly after their fix of fun and entertainment. But with sports games off and betting on the weather losing its appeal as Spring turns into Summer, many players are looking at how to play and gamble in other ways.

Many casual gamers are also looking to change it up a gear too, looking to pep-up the Groundhog Day of ‘staying home, staying safe’ with a bit of a flutter.

Great news for all those mobile casino operators out there – except they are losing out on as much as 40% of their potential revenue by not tapping into the wider market of players who don’t have an account or a credit card.
Mobile gaming now makes up a sizeable portion of online casino revenue as players enjoy being able to spend time gambling when they are away from their computers. The availability of games means that players can now play bingo slots and more in the same way they would on a larger screen. Casino games have been developed to look and run just as well as they do on computers, meaning there is very little stopping gamers from playing slots whenever they want.

Gamers also have several ways to play online casino games on mobile, from the casino apps which offer hundreds of games to choose from to the browser versions of these titles. These solutions take time and money to create but it has meant that casinos can be enjoyed by players for more hours during the day, prompting players to potentially spend more.

A Newzoo report about how much money mobile gamers spend reveals that players are being drawn in to mobile casino games more where there are mobile payment options, even more so where there are easy mobile payment options such as carrier billing.

What is carrier billing?
Carrier billing is a method of mobile payment open to anyone with a mobile phone and SIM card that puts charges for services onto their phone bill or is deducted from their credit.

It allows, under PSD2 regulations, for digital services to be paid for in two simple clicks, up to a total of €30 Euros per day and a cumulative total of €300 per calendar month.

But carrier billing for gambling services is far more than that. It is a rapid and easy way for anyone to start to deposit and play online casino games. If they have credit or a contract they can pay to play – and it is easy to do. They can also, thanks to some clever refunds technology, take money back out of the games when they win.

How mobile casinos can benefit
According to research by Juniper Research, in many European markets, the penetration of phones – and so, by default, carrier billing – outstrips credit cards by around a factor of 10 in each country.

This means that, with many more people now looking to pay to play online casino games, this is the preferred method of payment for ten times as many punters as you may already be targeting.

And it is easy for casinos to implement. Rather than have to talk to every mobile network in every market that they work in, there are many aggregators that offer this kind of service out of the box.

Players like DIMOCO or Boku have connections into pretty much every network carrier you can think of – so they can simply turn on and manage the carrier billing payment gateway on your site for you.

Yes, there is a cost involved in using carrier billing – more it has to be said than credit card – but part of that fee covers the security and convenience of tapping into a payment mechanism that is robust, safe, secure and above all super convenient.

For this reason, many, many gambling operators are already using direct carrier billing. There is a fulsome list of them here. Yet many aren’t – and they are missing a trick.

To learn how you can benefit look out for Telemedia’s next white paper on Carrier Billing for gambling, which will dive into what carrier billing is, how it works for gambling sites and how to make it work for you.

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