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How mobile apps have transformed the sport of tennis

Tennis is a huge sport that captivates the attention of fans from all corners of the globe. Like with most sports, the quality of coaching has constantly progressed over time, and the quality of sports science on offer has also allowed modern players to reach levels that greats of the past could not.

However, another major player in the growth of tennis that is mentioned often is the development of mobile apps that can benefit the sport’s coaching. Several apps are available that are relied on by professionals and their coaches alike at the top level of the game.

Mobile apps have enhanced tennis coaching

These apps can capture data from the biggest events, such as the major grand slams on the tennis calendar including the French Open. Novak Djokovic is one of the standout favourites for the 2024 competition in tennis betting offered at odds of 11/5. Rafael Nadal is predicted in the tennis tips to again rival Djokovic for the prize in France next year.

The Serbians’ coaches will undoubtedly rely on mobile technology and mobile apps in the run-up to the tournament. Numerous apps offer a remarkable level of accuracy, and they are also free to use and available to simply download from an Apple device, but perhaps they could be available for Androids in future.

Mobile apps that track tennis statistics and suggest areas of improvement are undoubtedly a huge benefit to the game. But which are the best apps available, with there being several popular offerings available at fans’ fingertips?

Smashpoint Tennis Tracker

Smashpoint Tennis Tracker is used by ATP, WTA, and ITF coaches, but it can be relied on by players and coaches operating at any level of the sport.

The app can be used to track live matches, whether you are watching on television, or viewing a match in person. You can track tennis scores, stats and shots like a professional with just one tap.

Shot tracking and statistics are also available on the app for all major tennis fixtures. This makes it simple for players, coaches and fans to look back on matches retrospectively. This can help greatly with identifying strengths and weaknesses in players’ games, and all that is required is an iPhone.

The app also has an extensive database of historical statistics including head-to-head records between major players at the professional level of the sport.

Smashpoint also features an Apple Watch Tracking feature, to allow players actively playing in matches to record their statistics as they go.


SwingVision offers similar results to Smashpoint with the huge plus point of the app being fully automated. It requires a single court-facing camera in order to accurately collect stats from a match.

The app utilises artificial intelligence to monitor player and ball movement in real time. It also provides automated feedback in order to improve a player’s game. The app is currently available exclusively on the Apple App Store.

Mobile apps have certainly begun to change the shape of the tennis world. In some cases with SwingVision, the need to enter stats is not even required anymore. No more time needs to be wasted with data input or manually searching for statistics on the internet, instead, it can be used to focus purely on coaching and development within the sport.

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