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How Popular is Poker Compared to Other Card Games?

Poker is a very appealing card game. Whether played online or offline, it combines luck, skill and mental fortitude. That’s why it’s such a popular game. But how does it compare to the popularity of other card games like Solitaire, blackjack and others, especially with advances to mobile gaming and the sheer volume of Iphone/android users in the world today?

Solitaire Could Be No.1 Thanks to Windows

If you used a Windows PC in the late 1990s or early 2000s, you played Solitaire when you should have been working or studying. Microsoft introduced millennials and other nearby generations to this simple card game as it was complimentary software with every computer. While Windows 97 and the like are consigned to the past, those who remember playing it still recall it, and sometimes, they can be seen playing it in pubs in their downtime.

Oh, and it’s also available on newer Windows machines too! In fact, given the popularity of the original game, Windows now provides many variations of solitaire, including Spider Solitaire and FreeCell.

Blackjack Popular for Simplicity

Blackjack (sometimes known as 21 or Pontoon) is a straightforward game that is very popular. Those who don’t know the rules can learn them quickly, making it incredibly accessible. This gives it an edge over poker, where the regulations and combinations can be complex to understand. Those in live casinos play blackjack, and people gamble online due to its simplicity.

Poker has Avid Fans

Poker has its cult following when it comes to card games. While blackjack players are often known to play other card and casino games, you can play poker here from pretty much anywhere in the world if you have access to a mobile device. They’ve spent a lifetime trying to perfect their poker game so that they can master any table they want. This is validated by the number of online poker platforms that only offer poker because gambling companies want to appeal to the poker community exclusively with bespoke services. Dedicated poker enthusiasts will socialise with other poker fans at card rooms or specific poker sites online to play the game with like-minded people.

Of course, there are many strands to poker. While the majority of players will refer to Texas Hold’em when they say Poker, there are versions like Omaha, Pineapple and even the original poker game. These variations are nowhere as popular as Texas Hold’em online but maintain good player traffic in live casinos.

Better Card Games for Party Nights

While poker is an excellent game for friends, it’s not inclusive if you’ve got a person who is new to the game. Also, the game hinges on betting, so it’s not conducive to a group of friends hanging out, as it can be a little awkward if money starts to change hands.

It’s better to play something like Hearts of Gin Rummy in such cases. These are trick-based games for multiple players where picking up the rules in just a few minutes is straightforward. If you’re not playing a set of cards, you’re passing them to another player. These are generally a lot more light-hearted than poker, meaning they can be more appropriate for party atmospheres.

Parents Prefer Very Simple Games

Parenting is a hard job. Very hard, indeed. Therefore, they will do anything to temporarily amuse their children with the least effort, as they are probably tired from all the care and attention they’ve had to exert to look after their children. Card games work as a welcome distraction. The most common is SNAP, where the players look to match the number or picture of the last card drawn. It’s remedial but beneficial for young children.

War is a bit more complex, but not much. Whereas SNAP requires players to recognise similarity, War requires counting up to 13. Players draw a card. Highest value wins. While it sounds effortless, some casinos and online platforms have this as a playable card game!

Trading Card Games?!

While playing cards is the classic medium of cards with hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs, there is another type of card with which people play games. Trading cards. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc. While these are a far cry from casino games, a healthy number of players spend all their disposable income on these games, making them incredibly popular. The rules, however, are a lot more complex than poker – with counters, additional cards, power-up abilities, regional variations and countless exceptions which can’t be exhaustively listed here. These aren’t for everyone, but those invested in a Pokemon franchise will continually play with these cards, as well as the online variation of the game.

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