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How to choose a mobile phone that is good for college essay writing

Smartphones have become indispensable in the lives of students. And not just for making calls and communicating with parents or friends. They can come in handy when you need to write something in a hurry when you don’t have access to a computer, and even for doing research.

Having to lug your laptop around all the time is tiring, not to mention physically impossible for those students who work part-time after college classes. They spend a lot of time and energy commuting to college, then to work and home in the evening. You’ve probably had times when you urgently needed to make revisions to an essay or send an urgent email, but you didn’t have a laptop nearby.

Thanks to the development of technology, students are now using smartphones to write essays, do research, and search for necessary information. Nowadays, it is an indispensable thing for a student. However, not all phones are suitable for doing homework. Some smartphone models have better features than others and will make your writing easier.

How students cope with essay writing

When students get an essay assignment, they have to spend a lot of time and effort on the assignment. Preparing for writing requires a lot of research skills, in addition, the assignment necessarily needs to be edited before being sent to the instructor for review. Not all students are up to it. Sometimes even the best students may encounter difficulties. For example, they may not be able to meet the assignment deadline or receive unrealistic assignment requirements. Fortunately, it is possible to pay someone to write my paper now if the task is so difficult. That way, you won’t miss the deadline and definitely won’t worry about the difficulty of the assignment.

When you have enough time and you are sure that you will handle the assignment well, you can use your laptop or smartphone to write it. But when the deadline is too tight, it’s better to get qualified help.

Choosing a cell phone to use for your college essay

You want to find the best smartphone for essay writing and research. Technology is moving forward every day and new smartphone models are constantly appearing on the market. They will suit not only businessmen but also the busiest students. The choice is so huge that you can choose not only by functionality but also by size, appearance, color, and so on.

iOS or Android devices

You can find the best smartphone model for yourself with both iOS and Android operating systems. To make such a difficult decision in our time, we suggest you take into account the following:

Budget. You can find the right one for you both on a low budget and an unlimited budget. But if you have a certain amount, tell the consultant in the store. If you decide to choose online, you’ll be able to put a filter on the store’s website.

The set of apps you plan to use. You’re probably going to need different apps for different needs. That is, you need to optimize your learning experience, but you’ll also want to have recreational apps for games. We recommend making sure that the apps you need are available on the store of the phone you want to buy. Be sure to keep in mind that not all apps that are available on iOS will be available for Android, and vice versa.

Features to look for

If your main need for a good smartphone is the ability to write essays, pay attention to such details:

Screen size. This is very important when you need to write an essay or research paper. If the screen is bigger you will find it easier and faster to write. In addition, your eyes will not be as tired. The optimal would be a smartphone with a diagonal of at least 5.5 or 6 inches.

Memory capacity. You’ll need a lot of memory to not only write essays on your smartphone but also to store all of your writing assignments on it. Make sure to keep your assignments safe. It will be a shame if your painstaking work disappears or you can’t save it when you need it.

Smartphone battery life. Writing research papers usually takes several hours a day. So find a smartphone that won’t shut down during typing sessions.

Based on these features some of the best choices for students who write on their phones would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 14, and Xiaomi MI 10T Pro.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have become a major investment these days, so be sure to consider that and make your choice wisely. You’ll be stunned at how big the selection of smartphones is right now, but we hope our tips will help you in choosing the best cell phone model for you.

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