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How to develop a mobile gaming app for android? 7 steps

The creation of mobile games today is one of the fastest-growing industries. But as demand increased, so did the competition. In addition to small developers, large game development companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, and others have entered the market. The customer expectations for the quality and storyline of games have increased along with the level of competition. And while building a game, it’s important to consider a variety of intricacies in order for it to be engaging and well-liked by players.

1. Idea

You must decide on the game’s concept before you can begin to construct it. We advise you to examine the products available on Google Play and the App Store in order to determine which categories are now the most preferred by users. Most likely, you will uncover anything that is comparable to your concept; thus, attempt to think of unexpected circumstances or extra amazing features.

2. Engine and optimization

The next step is very important when developing a game, it is the right choice of engine. Now there is a huge selection of gaming platforms and therefore it is worth approaching the choice of an engine very carefully, taking into account many factors from the audience to technical requirements. Keep in mind that your game must be able to handle heavy updates and integrations with other services. Computer games always get a lot of updates and users can enjoy their favorite games for years. For example, Warcraft – the game is about 20 years old, but people still spend days and weeks playing it. Some players turn to wotlk classic boosting, since the speed of the GPU allows it. That is why the game for a mobile phone should be optimized as much as possible too.

3. Team

You will find it quite challenging to handle everything by yourself. It is important to pay close attention to the visuals, acoustics, and layout. These components are subject to strict criteria because of the intense rivalry. It is, therefore, preferable to consult experts who can assist you. The best course of action if you want your game to be well-liked is to engage qualified testers who will identify problems so you can address them before the game is made available to the public.

Take a close look at your skills. You should be aware that you need to have the expertise, resources, and time to create a top-notch game if you want to release something like World of Warcraft. Teams of several hundred people have developed such games over the years. Additionally, each of them is involved in a certain specialized duty, such as programming game physics, texturing vegetation, or animating combat.

4. Constructor

There are many different constructors, where you can design, create and customize your own gaming app. There are online platforms in the form of websites where you can create applications of varying complexity, as well as full-fledged programs and game engines that support development for mobile devices. Among the simple and popular designers for developing games for mobile devices are:

– Construct;

– MIT AppInventor;


– Infinite Monkeys.

Any constructor is just a simplified add-on over the core itself, therefore there are many restrictions on the possibilities of customizing and creating applications in the constructors. It doesn’t get new features that often, and there are rules to follow if you don’t want to lose your app.

The advantage of the constructor is the ability to program in blocks without learning programming languages and without going into details. The process of creating a project includes many steps, starting from choosing a software environment, downloading the necessary plugins, setting up a project, and ending with compiling and porting it to a device. The user only needs to register to store projects on the created account, develop the application, and download it.

5. Promotion

Consider how you will promote your game. What types of advertising do you want to use? The most effective today are contextual advertising and promotion on Google Play. Advertising should be launched in advance, so that at the time of the release of the game, users have already heard about it, were interested, and were waiting for it. To make a profit, you need to carefully consider how the monetization process will take place, which functions or products will be paid for, and which part will be free for users.

6. Play

Play other games regularly. While enjoying other games you can get new ideas for yourself, as well as gain inspiration for creating your own game. At the same time, if you disassemble the mechanics of other games into components, and try to figure out how it works, then you will get additional benefits from this.

7. Collect feedback

Constantly keep the feedback from users, then it will be easier for you to understand where and how you can improve the game, and what features to add. Be sympathetic to negative constructive criticism – it’s a way to improve your game. Any failure is a point of growth.

And most importantly – make a game that you want to play yourself. This is the main rule. Games development is primarily an art and a process of creating something outstanding. Do not try to please everyone, because all people are different and have different tastes. Over time, your game will be found by people with similar gaming preferences. And it will be your most devoted audience.

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