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How to Find The Best Casino Bonuses on Your Mobile Phone

Through recent decades the online gaming and mobile casino industries have enjoyed incredible transformations, none so much as when we were under threat of the pandemic where land-based venues remained closed. 

Of course, this trend towards everything online, including online casinos would not have taken place if all the technological breakthroughs we have witnessed had not taken place, and luckily there does not seem to be any slowing which ensures that our time online enjoying our favourite game is going to carry on for the foreseeable future. 

In fact, both social and mobile gaming has had a huge impact on the gambling industry for quite a few years which means that there are new online casinos arriving on our pages on a daily basis which can prove a little confusing for those new to online gaming. 

However, there are a few things to look for which we shall discuss below to make sure that your time is spent in an environment that is both safe and secure and full of entertainment. In this article we shall specifically look at the different types of bonuses available and what they mean for you. 

Mobile Casinos Bonuses Explained

Simply put, mobile casino bonuses are in place to tempt new players through the virtual doors by offering incentives to play at any certain online casino. This old, but highly successful marketing strategy has been in place for so long you would be hard-pressed to find an online casino that does not offer you a bonus or promotional offer in some way. 

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and these rewards are offered if you sign up with an online casino or by making a deposit with them with your mobile phone. Undoubtedly the largest bonus will be that offered to new players (sometimes called the welcome bonus) Online casinos are also aware that keeping their players is just as important as gaining new ones so returning players will also be offered bonuses and promotional offers. 

Finding the bonuses available on your mobile phone is not a difficult thing to do, as they will be readily advertised on the home page of each online casino, what is more difficult is finding the one that is best for you to go with. Below is a list of some online casino bonus offers that you might be interested in.

The Match Bonus 

This type of bonus is very popular and it is where the casino will match whatever you deposit into your own account up to a certain amount. Usually the match bonus is around 100% of whatever you put into your account, but there are some casinos that will offer over 100%. The beauty of the match bonus is that it really does increase your bankroll, offering you more time to play and perhaps try games that you have not played before. 

The Percentage Bonus

This type of bonus is very similar to the match bonus – the percentage can vary with this bonus and usually begins around 50% of what you have invested into the site, going up to around 75% or whatever the casino chooses. 

The No Deposit Bonus

This particular type of bonus is far more rare than it used to be, so if you do happen to come across one read the terms and conditions attached carefully. This bonus will reward the player without them having to commit any of their own money to the casino, although you will probably be asked to create an account with the casino. 

Free Spins

Quite often you will see free spins on a particular game offered either as a standalone offer or as part of another bonus. Free spins are very popular and give players that extra excitement to their time spent at the online casino. 

The Refer a Friend Bonus and the Loyalty Bonus

Some casinos offer you bonus cash if you get one or more of your friends to join the casino too. Referring friends can also be a great way of creating more of a community that revolves about you and your friends. 

Loyalty bonuses can vary from site to site which can take the form of collecting ‘points’ that can be redeemed for casino cash or access to content that other players are not able to access. 

Whatever bonus you do choose always remember to check what the terms and conditions are Some restrictions could be time restrictions to use the bonus cash or maybe there will be wagering requirements (the number of times you have to wager the bonus money before you can withdraw your winnings). Whatever they are you need to read and understand them before opting in. 

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