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How to Pick an Aintree Grand National Winner for Mobile Betting

How to Pick an Aintree Grand National Winner for Mobile Betting

Picking a winner for the Aintree Grand National, or any horse race for that matter, involves a combination of research, analysis, and a bit of luck. While there is no foolproof method, here are some tips to help you make more informed decisions when selecting a potential Grand National winner to have a mobile bet on.

Study the Race Card

First things first, you need to know all of the information on all those horses running in the world-famous race. Examine the recent form of the horses, including their performance in previous races. Consider their horse racing betting odds which can be an indication of their chances, and look at finishing positions, distances, and the type of ground (soft, good, heavy) they have performed on.

Taking heed of horse racing tips can be a good idea, whilst taking into account jockey and trainer Records in the race is also key to forming your selection. Evaluate the track record of the jockey and trainer, as jockeys and trainers have a history of success in the Grand National, and their experience can be a positive factor.

How can tech and mobile tech help with this?

Wearable technology has sprung to a position of major importance in the sporting world, but it’s not just human players wearing watches and monitors that track every detail of their performance. Racehorses are fitted with a range of similar gadgets so that trainers can get the very best from them.

Now that the minutest difference in performance is the edge between winning and losing, anyone logging those performances has had to up their game too. For example, the BHA has a complex system that takes into account a wide variety of data and variables to come up with a “performance rating” for every horse in every race. Take your mobile to each race and you can do more than just bet on each horse – you can first investigate its recent performance ratings to help inform your decisions.

Assess the Horse

The Grand National is a demanding race with a long distance and challenging jumps. Assess the stamina and endurance of the horses, especially if they have performed well in longer races. Consider the weight each horse is carrying, as this can impact their performance. Some horses may be well-handicapped, meaning their weight is adjusted to give them a fair chance against competitors.

With unique and challenging fences, the Grand National tests the jumping ability of the horses, particularly their experience over the Aintree fences. Horses with good jumping skills may navigate the course more successfully.

While younger horses may have speed, the Grand National often favours experienced and older horses due to their gruelling nature. Consider the age and experience of the horse in relation to the demands of the race. Last year’s winner, Corach Rambler, was nine years old when winning the Aintree showpiece.

Consistency and Recent Health

Consistency is key in horse racing. Look for horses that have consistently performed well in their recent races. Horses that have been running well in their races are generally fit and healthy and are feeling good in themselves. Avoid horses that have shown erratic or unpredictable form as they may be carrying a slight injury or have a bad attitude.

Check if the horse has had recent injuries or health issues. A horse in good physical condition is more likely to perform well. If a horse has been off the track for some time, they have likely suffered a recent injury that is likely to affect their chances of winning. The Grand National, in particular, is very demanding on a horse’s body, so recent injuries could flare up again.

Betting Odds and Market Moves

Consider the betting odds and market sentiment. While not foolproof, shifts in odds and where money is being placed can provide insights into the perceived chances of each horse. The Grand National is a race where horses with big odds have won in the past, so selecting a favorite in the race is not a guarantee of picking the winning.

For example, 2022 winner, Noble Yeats, was considered to be a 50/1 chance before his memorable victory.

Check Ground Conditions

The condition of the ground can significantly impact a horse’s performance. Some horses prefer soft ground, while others excel on firmer surfaces. Check the weather forecast and track conditions leading up to the race. Most horses running in the Grand National will prefer softer underfoot conditions.

The Grand National is one of the most exciting spectacles in the horse racing world, so whether or not you pick the winner, you are always guaranteed a heart-pounding experience.

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