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How to Play Online Casino Games from Your iOS or Android

Mobile casinos have been in the development ever since iGaming became a thing. It’s just that playing your favorite poker, slots, blackjack and similar games is a lot easier on the go. When it first arrived, mobile experience wasn’t the best. But with the rise of mobile technology and the online casino industry doing well, the tech behind it started to improve. The result – more and more casino games for iOS and Android started to emerge. In fact, some providers have their own apps where you can engage in tons of different content. But how do you do it? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this post.

How do I start?

Traditional online casinos come in two forms. Some are web-based while others require you to download an app specifically designed by their team. Your chances of winning are the same on both types but casino games that arrive in special apps generally offer better player experience. That’s because they align with the screen of your device and include strategically placed buttons for better gameplay. If you opt for a provider with its own app, you can start by downloading it from the App Store or Play Store. The sign-up process is almost always as straightforward as it gets. There may be an occasional question, app permissions like location sharing, etc. This means you start playing in no time. Just bear in mind that some casinos require you to input personal info such as credit card number during the registration process.  For many players, the portal is suitable, it fits perfectly on any device and is quite easy to use.

Bonus money/spins

Now we get to the fun part. Online casinos are still somewhat new and they often look to attract more brick-and-mortar casino enthusiasts. Plus, the competition is extremely stiff and they look to do anything they can to bring in more players. That’s why, upon registration, many of them will give you some sort of a bonus to use as you’re getting started. From free spins to bonus games, there’s a lot online casinos offer to new joiners. This is great news for the players for two reasons. First, you get bonus money/spins to use and have more fun without making a significant deposit. Sounds great, right? But it’s also a chance to check out what the provider offers without putting a lot of money onto your account. In other words, you can check out the games an online casino offers for free or minimal cost, and move onto another one if you’re dissatisfied.

How to find the best app for you?

When playing on your computer, you don’t have to worry a lot about finding a casino that you’ll  be able to play hassle-free. This still isn’t the case with mobile online casinos. This is mostly because you have to find an app that’s compatible with your device. Obviously, there are iOS and Android devices and not all online casinos are available on both. So, depending on what type of mobile phone or tablet you have, you won’t have access to absolutely all apps out there. However, more and more providers are looking to make their product available to both people with iOS and Android. Then, there are other things to pay attention to when choosing an app to play on. Some of them are more space-consuming which may also determine what you can and cannot install. One more thing to have in mind when gambling on mobile is functionality. Some apps boast better design and speed, which eventually impacts your overall iGaming experience.

Big names in the industry

There’s the unwritten rule that the most popular providers offer the ultimate experience when playing casino games on mobile. So, when you first start playing on your device, it’s a good idea to check out the popular casinos like BlitzStars and Betsafe. Of course, there are many other companies worth taking a look at. It’s all about finding the casino that suits all your needs and offers exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you love spinning the reel, opting for a casino with the most popular slot games is a good idea. There are all sorts of casinos looking for new players. You’ll find some that focus on poker, some that specialize in sports betting, and a lot more. If you want to make sure you’re choosing the right casino, you can always check user-written reviews before registering. Quite often, they offer a lot of relevant information for  new players.

Other things to keep in mind

Mobile casinos are quite different from brick-and-mortar ones. So, some things work differently. For example, if a game is malfunctioning, you can’t  just call up an employee and have them check it out. Instead, you have to turn to customer support to help. Some casinos are available 24/7 via live chat, while others you can reach out to via mail. Some, you can even contact via phone. Turning to a casino with a top-notch support is a good move, especially if you end up having an issue with depositing/withdrawing. Which brings us to another aspect of mobile casinos. You should also look for a casino with flexible payment options. Think about whether you prefer paying with PayPal, credit/debit card, or something else. With so many providers  out there, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that offers what  you’re looking for.

Wrap up

If you’ve followed this guide, there’s nothing left to do but start playing on your iOS or Android  device. There’s no doubt you’ll find a game to become obsessed with and have lots of fun no matter where you are.

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