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How Will VR Change the Way We Game?

AR and VR gaming are a hot topic on the internet these days. It looks as though these technologies will continue to grow in popularity as they offer more and more users a fully interactive experience with their favourite media. Even though VR is unlikely to replace more traditional forms of media, it shows serious promise of long-term potential to shake things up in the gaming community.

Consumers are spending large amounts of cash on media and other forms of entertainment, especially when it comes to video games. VR-based entertainment is continually growing in popularity because of the ever-evolving landscape when it comes to developing technologies. A study conducted by Statista predicted that the VR video game market would generate nearly $20B U.S. by the middle of the decade.

With all of this in mind, we can see that VR tech has already irrevocably changed the video gaming industry. This article will explore why this technology is garnering so much interest from both new and experienced gamers.

Ways VR is making video games more enjoyable for users

Most video games can easily be transitioned onto VR devices, offering a new and more interactive take on the games you know and love.

Increased User Experience (UX)

VR throws players into action in ways that traditional console gaming is simply unable to do. VR gamers will have more tools to work with, including responsive hand controllers with in-game actions mimicking real-life actions to immerse players in the experience fully.

New technologies that enhance the environments of games

As this article is being written, hand controllers have already made it easier to interact with in-game environments and given these environments an increased degree of reality. As time goes on, these technologies are anticipated to grow in some truly incredible ways, allowing users to engage with in-game environments through all five senses, making gaming feel more like real life than ever before.

You also have mobile VR coming into the market, and it has the potential to scale the overall experience. For starters, this will lead to widespread usage. Moreover, with mobile VR coming into perspective, it will no longer be limited only to games but will also spread to education, travel, and news content, among many others. However, the mobile VR idea is still young and needs more improvement, especially in terms of VR viewers, to ensure a smoother experience.

Content expansions

VR tech is now changing how developers create content for their video games, particularly in shooter, fantasy and simulation genres, all of which have changed dramatically due to the introduction of virtual reality.

It was revealed in a recent study that racing and adventure video games had taken the top spot in terms of the most popular games among virtual reality users. Nearly 50% said they enjoyed playing racing games in VR and almost 75% saying they enjoyed playing adventure games in VR.

Now that we’ve established some of the ways that VR is impacting the industry, let’s explore some of the types of games that are currently available for virtual reality devices.

Types of games available on VR

Because the technology is relatively new, it is still shaking up the way players interact with environments while they play the game.

First-person shooter video games on VR

Now the most popular type of game available on VR, players can fully feel a part of the action as they battle their way across various environments, with visual and sound effects helping to optimise the experience and create more interactive gameplay. 

Players hear everything from dialogue, the sound of birds chirping, bullets flying and dropping to the ground, weather—like thunder, lightning and rain—and more, all serving to make the game feel more like real life. The one obstacle posed by shooter games on VR is the restriction on movements when playing with hand controllers, which can sometimes make gameplay feel stifled.

Racing video games on VR

Racing games on VR differ from shooter games on VR because they don’t have restrictions on movement. Instead, players can focus on the visually stunning graphics that make them feel like they’ve been transported directly to the racetracks.

Horror video games on VR

This genre is not for the faint of heart. The immersive experience can make you feel as though you’re truly fighting for your life as you try to escape a haunted house, zombie horde or alien incursion. For horror movie lovers, horror games on VR are a must-try, even if you’re not an experienced gamer.

Adventure games on VR

If you are a gamer who prefers a less intense experience than what you’ll get with horror, shooters, or even racing games, adventure games may be more your style. These games allow you to explore expansive, beautiful environments, solve puzzles and complete other challenges along the way.


The virtual reality industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies hitting the market. There are always new and exciting ways this emerging technology is being implemented, completely shaking up the world of gaming, and creating new chances at connecting with a whole new community of gamers.

The majority of video games may take a while to transition onto VR, but in the future, you can expect that all new releases will also have a VR compatible version.  Many previously released games will be reimagined to be compatible with the platform. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of exciting changes in store for the future.

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