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Mobile Casino Gambling in Poland: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular in Poland. Thousands of gamblers visit casino sites from their mobile phones and load gambling sites on their smartphones to play their favorite games on the go. However, this is far from the only reason explaining the popularity of mobile gambling in the country. Let’s dive deep to understand what’s happening in the industry now and what to expect in the future.

Legal Side of the Business

In the last 10 years, the Polish Parliament adopted legislation that legalized the operations of online gambling. The law promulgated in 2014 allows the establishment of online gambling companies, provided that the latter are compliant with the legal requirements. The licenses for online gambling companies are granted and regulated by the Act on Gambling Games as of November 2019. As a result, dozens of new platforms have appeared, and the best of them can be checked on the

The regulations were implemented to protect the state’s financial system from the possible dangers of gambling. However, the laws are outdated and only seem to keep the country in the dark when it

comes to online gambling. Despite the legalization of online gambling, the country is still looking for ways to optimize the industry’s operations. And there’s a lot to be done.

Legal Mobile Gambling in Poland Requires…

In order to function legally in the market, online gambling platforms must meet the following conditions:

  • Serve players who are over 18 years of age;
  • Use data encryption technology to safeguard user data;
  • Work with popular payment systems in the niche, such as Blik, Przelewy24, Paypal, Trustly, Revolut, etc.;
  • Prove the transparency of their businesses;
  • Register their businesses with the National Revenue Administration;
  • Have a license from the Ministry of Finance. The licenses are only issued to businesses that can legally operate in Poland.

The licenses that are granted to online gambling platforms include the right to operate any kind of gambling business, such as sports betting, online slots, online poker, lotteries, etc. As a rule, such a license is valid for three years. There is no renewal fee for the first year, but the license needs to be renewed for the second and third years. As Anna Rosak, a gambling expert at KasynoHEX, mentions, mobile gambling in Poland is at the beginning of its journey. However, it has already established solid grounds for both casino operators and gambling enthusiasts.

In order to benefit from all the gambling opportunities to the maximum, one needs to ensure responsible and safe gambling. What does that mean? Well, there are a couple of important things that you need to follow:

  • Find a licensed Polish mobile casino;
  • Gamble for free first;
  • Claim casino bonuses;
  • Do not deposit all your money in one go;
  • Make sure you do not spend too much time in an online casino.

Thus, you will stay on the safe side and can use your chance to win.



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