Friday, July 12, 2024
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Mobile Casino Operators Update Their Responsible Gambling Tools

It is always good to see any casinos helping their players stay in control and gamble within their budgets. Thanks to the forward thinking of the gambling industry at large, if you do decide to play casino games on a mobile device for real money you are going to have access to a wide and diverse range of tools to help you do just that.

There was of course a time when players could gamble away great fortunes and be left without any help and support, but those days are now long gone, and in this guide will give you an insight into just what responsible gambling tools are available to you at any similar casino sites.

Onscreen Reminders

One way that casino operators are going to ensure you know exactly where you are up to regarding your winnings and losses when you play either at their online or mobile casinos for real money, is by having onscreen reminders.

As such, when you start playing you will see a timer which shows you just how long you have been logged in, and a running total which will indicate your current state of play, that being your total amount wagered or your current profit or loss for that one single session too.

Some casinos will also require you to verify by clicking or tapping an onscreen button to say that you are happy to continue playing, after one or two hours of play.

Whilst some people do say that is annoying, it can be a good wake up call if you are gambling and losing, as you can see exactly what your losses are on that session, and if they are too high that wake-up call will often help you to stop playing and call it a day.

Deposit Limits

Obviously, each gambling regulator whether that is the Nevada Gaming Control Board who do regulate and license many online gambling sites or the UK Gambling Commission, will have their own rules and regulations in place that each of their licence holders must adhere to.

Another very handy tool that all players are best advised to make full use of is the deposit limit option settings that will flash up onscreen when you log into most online and mobile casinos.

What that option setting will permit you to do is to set a deposit limit which is going to be the maximum amount of cash you wish to transfer into your account over a set time period that you are in full control of picking.

If you do reach that limit and try to deposit additional funds into your account before the time period you selected has expired, you will not be permitted to do so. Thus stopping you from gambling more than you had first intended to do so.

Time Out Take a Break Options

Another option setting you may find of great use and one that many players do actually make use of is the time out or take a break setting as it is also often known.

It will allow you to as good as lock yourself out of your real money casino account for any time period you have chosen, and therefore by being denied access to your account you are not going to run the risk of making a deposit and possibly losing it.

Having spoken to many players who play at casino sites and on casino apps that have that feature, they tell me that when they have requested a large withdrawal after winning big playing casino games, they often then make use of it to stop them being tempted to reverse that withdrawal and risk losing all their winnings back to the casino.

If you do feel you have any type of gambling problem, then please do reach out for help and support, and you will find that it is also possible to self-exclude yourself from any casino sites if you feel your gambling activities have got totally out of hand.

When doing so you are effectively telling the casino operators you have a gambling problem and want to be permanently banned from their sites and apps, and they in turn will then close down your account and refuse to allow you to open any new accounts.

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