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Mobile gaming vs PC gaming: which is better for gambling

Almost all browser-based games are coded in HTML5 nowadays. This makes these games playable on both desktop PCs and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Despite mobile gaming gaining extreme popularity in the last few years, there are still quite some differences between mobile gaming and PC gaming. In this article, we will take a look at which type of gaming is better for gambling. We will decide which of the two types of gaming is better for gambling by comparing convenience, performance, game selection, and user experience. 


First of all, we have the convenience aspect. Of course, you can carry your smartphone or tablet anywhere you want, which makes mobile gaming way more convenient. As long as you have an active internet connection, which you can get by joining a public wi-fi, you’re as good as ready to go. Online casinos see that many people like this convenience aspect of mobile gaming, with as much as 70% of their traffic coming from mobile sources nowadays. Besides, not everyone wants or has the time to sit hours behind a PC at home, and rather play a bit for a few minutes on the go. 


In terms of performance, mobile devices are still behind desktop PCs and laptops. This is mostly due to the fact that streaming things like live dealer games require a lot of RAM to work properly. As there is not much RAM in mobile devices compared to laptops and desktop PCs, the latter still seems to outperform the mobile devices.  Most mobile casino games are what is called responsive though. This means that the size of the fonts and buttons adjust to the screensize of your mobile device. This makes these games easily playable, which is convenient, to say the least. Some casino software providers went a step further and even launched touch versions of their games, specifically for mobile gaming. These touch versions are only playable on smartphones and tablets. 

Game Selection 

Although more and more casino software providers develop new casino games with a mobile-first mindset, there are still way more casino games accessible from desktop PCs and laptops than from mobile phones and tablets. As we already stated in the intro, mobile casino games have to be developed in HTML5, which is hard and requires more time, money, and effort to design compared to ‘regular’ desktop PC and laptop games. You can still expect about 500 mobile casino games per casino on average. One of the online casinos that has a vast library of mobile casino games is no wager casino canada, which has roulette, blackjack, and hundreds of online slots. 

User Experience 

The user experience between mobile gaming and desktop gaming is quite a debate. As desktop PCs have almost no limitations whatsoever, apart from the fact that you cannot carry them around. Whilst you can easily play mobile casino games like slots, playing roulette or poker on your mobile might seem a bit more difficult due to the limited screen size. With live casino gaming, there is a different obstacle for mobile gaming. Playing live casino games requires a rather strong internet connection to play without lag or delays. We’re not saying it can’t be done on mobile devices, but there will definitely be more lag compared to playing live dealer games for your desktop PC or laptop. If you ever suffer from lag whilst playing online casino games, with live casino games and poker, in particular, you should consider downloading the casino app to your device. This tends to reduce the probability of lag compared to playing in your browser. 

Mobile Gaming vs PC Gaming: which is better for online gambling – Conclusion 

Undoubtedly,  desktop PC gaming is much better for online gambling. The only problem here is of course that you cannot take your PC everywhere you want. Mobile gaming has the convenience aspect in its advantage, as you can literally log in and play anywhere you want as long as you have a strong internet connection. With about 70% of casino traffic being mobile, we can see that mobile gaming is definitely getting more and more popular and will probably continue to do so. Not everyone has the time to sit hours behind his or her PC at home.  

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