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Online gamers down under prefer mobile payments

The process of carrying out online financial transactions have evolved over the years. Before now, people can only purchase goods and services online via their credit and debit cards. However, with the rise in the use of smartphones, several innovations and technologies have been created to make a mobile device user do almost everything on his/her mobile device. As of 2019, over five billion people were estimated to have used and be using a smartphone. In New Zealand alone, over 80 percent of the population had at least one smartphone in 2020. Consequently, this fact cannot be separated from the increasing trend by Kiwis to use mobile payments and carry out several other functions on their mobile device. Several brands in New Zealand have come to the realization that most of their customers prefer doing transactions on their smartphones and are rising to the trend by making their businesses available and easily accessible on mobile devices.

The online casino industry in New Zealand is valid proof that an increasing amount of businesses are now going mobile. It would be rare to find an online casino operator in New Zealand that has not optimized their sites to be responsive on mobile devices, even if they don’t offer a mobile application. An average casino player prefers playing games on his mobile device because the benefits are too good, and they are real. Mobile play offers a gambler the ability to play exciting games on the go, stake, and win in the casino anytime and anywhere.

What’s equally important is that online casinos allow their players to deposit and cash out fast on their smartphones via mobile payment systems. This is not to say the use of credit cards had declined in NZ online casinos – they are still commonly used. Since well-known credit card companies such as Visa, Amex and MasterCard are also creating avenues for mobile users to pay on their mobile devices without necessarily having a physical credit card. These credit cards can be used in conjunction with top mobile payment systems in New Zealand.

Below, we will take a look at the mobile payments that are highly preferred by Kiwi players in online casinos. These payment methods can be found amongst the banking options of virtually all online casinos in New Zealand. They are frequently used because of their quickness, simplicity, and, most notably, security when carrying out financial transactions.

Google Pay: Google is a reputable brand, and you’d expect their products to be excellent, you won’t be wrong with Google Pay. Google Pay is a mobile payment app that was specifically created for Android users to make transactions on their Android smartphones conveniently. This payment method is highly secured, and that’s why a lot of businesses, including online casinos, are adding this option in their list of accepted banking options. Google Pay, which was formerly released as Android Pay in 2015, uses similar near-field communication technology with Apple, which aids users in making payments through a secure EFTPOS terminal on their mobile device. Google Pay can be linked to your credit cards and bank account.

Apple Pay: Kiwi iOS users are not left out, too, when it comes to having a payment method that is personalized for their smartphone. Apple Pay is only available on iOS devices and allows its users to purchase goods and services online without the need for a physical card.  Apple Pay is a highly preferred option in New Zealand online casinos because players can quickly deposit in their casino account via this method without hassle. The payment method is secure and has several verification options before payment can be confirmed successfully. These options include fingerprint, face, PIN, and a passcode.

AliPay: Although AliPay is owned by a China company with a lot of Chinese users, this payment method is gaining ground in New Zealand and is being featured as a payment option in many online casinos in New Zealand. The payment method allows users to quickly pay for a wide range of services, from buying movie tickets to depositing in online casinos. It is likewise safe and secure to use.

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