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Play game shows on your mobile

Game shows have always been a popular form of entertainment, from Bruce Forsyth on Sunday Night at the London Palladium in the 1950s to Deal or No Deal and The Chase more recently. Now, though, you don’t need to sit in front of your television to enjoy these forms of entertainment. Instead, why not go online and play great game shows on your mobile?

Mobile technology has made massive advances in recent years. Gone are the days when a phone was used just to make phone calls. Now you can do almost anything with them, and that includes playing games in an interactive studio setting.

It’s possible to play slot games and video games aplenty. It certainly keeps you busy while waiting for that bus that is late again.

Game shows on mobile

These have become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s not just a case of playing a video or slot game and hoping that you will get a good win. There’s so much more to playing the game shows that are now available. It really is like being in the studio audience and watching a game show being recorded.

Deal or No Deal is one such game that you can play. It’s another successful release by Evolution Gaming. The company has already had great success with its live casino games, where you can interact with live dealers, and the games are set in studios that are similar to what you see at your local casino.

Creating game shows was the next logical step. Deal or No Deal, for example, has been available as a video game and has been successful. It was just a case of clicking on those famous boxes and seeing a monetary value revealed, followed by the latest offer by the banker. A great game to play but the game show version takes this to another level.

A site such as STS Bet has plenty of variety when it comes to game shows that you can play on your mobile.

Another of the top game shows you can play is Monopoly Live. It’s been a popular board game for decades, and there have been plenty of different versions available as video games.

Now you can play it online and on your mobile phone. This is another popular release from Evolution Gaming. You can make a wager on which number will land on a giant wheel, which the genial host then spins in earnest. It will soon become noticeable to you that game shows rarely exist without there being some kind of wheel of fortune to spin. You must hope that the wheel lives up to its name.

The Monopoly Live game also has a 3D Bonus game where Mr Monopoly himself makes an appearance in augmented reality, travelling around the board and helping you to win a prize. He better get a move on, though, because that bus is coming around the corner.

Another top title to try is Dream Catcher. Here’s another game that has a big wheel and another friendly host presenting the game from a cool studio setting.

This was the first Evolution Gaming game show and has been a massive success. The action takes place in a studio with a multi-camera view and that magic wheel upon which you can win great prizes. Don’t shout too loud, though, when your chosen number comes up.

Mobile friendly games

Playing these game shows on your mobile can be such an enjoyable experience. You might be used to playing them on your laptop at home, of course. However, you do need to go out now and then, so getting the games on your mobile is a perfect solution to continue having fun.

As well as computers and laptops, gaming sites will also have a mobile version that you can play, or there will be an app available. The apps are easy to download, and sites will provide links and instructions on how to get hold of them. Of course, you will need a mobile device that has the system requirements. The last thing you will want is not seeing everything clearly or having the screen freeze. After all, we all know that if the screen does freeze, it’s going to be just at the most vital time. Having said that, just about all modern phones will cope.

These game shows are fantastic fun to play. There are some good cash prizes to be won, and if you gamble responsibly, you’ll always enjoy the game show experience.

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