Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Playing at Virtual Casinos: Myth or Reality?

Virtual casinos have been announced as the next evolutionary step in the world of iGaming, but we have yet to see them step into the spotlight. Players across the globe have been waiting for them for so long, that many believe they are nothing but a myth, or a nice PR stunt that keeps players interested in gaming. Standard online casinos don’t lack any of the hot playing spots or a popular brand for real money games, but the virtual scene still must convince audiences it even exists.

Great Expectations for Virtual Casinos

Virtual casinos are those that utilize augmented reality and 3D technologies to make online gaming an environment comparable to playing at brick-and-mortar casino venues. Unfortunately, the biggest asset of this type of gaming has proved to be the noose around its neck, as to play at a virtual casino, one must have additional gaming equipment.

Virtual reality sets don’t come cheap and for many casual players are nothing more than an unnecessary cost. Today, high-quality, and realistic games are also supported in standard online casinos, mostly thanks to live casino suppliers. True, they won’t be able to bump into virtual visitors or flirt with an AI character, but in the end, that’s not what they are there for. Players join casinos primarily for games, and thanks to live casino games, that Vegas experience is never more than a couple of clicks away.

It is no secret that virtual casinos also need to justify the extra costs player has. Gamers of the 21st century don’t want to play at a half-done interface with subpar graphics. To this date, none of the virtual casinos nor virtual casino games have managed to reach the mainstream.

That left them in a void between futuristic hopes and aspirations and 21st-century gaming trends. Neither in heaven nor on earth, after a decade of being announced as the next big thing, virtual casinos are, unfortunately, much closer to a myth than they are to reality.

Will They Ever Step into the Spotlight?

The fact VR casinos have been around for so long, without making the highly anticipated impact, has left many players disappointed and wondering if such innovations will ever become part of their everyday lives. They will, eventually. But not today!

The casino competition is strong, and players, despite being open to new trends more than ever, still prefer the convenience of standard online gaming, using the equipment they have at zero cost. Let’s not forget games are more realistic than ever, and even those that are not still help players dive into the world of gaming full of fun characters and bonus features, just like classic video games.

Virtual casinos simply must do better and become more accessible to an average gamer. Until their operators find a way to do so, they will continue to drown in their own reputation and sink into the world of technological obscurities, like so many other innovations.

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