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Reliable and Trusted Sportsbook

Offshore sportsbooks, on the other hand, who now take Bitcoin deposits, with documented history records of years of business, are most confident. These sportsbooks were some of the first to be operated online, and several had 20+ years of track records. We have included the top options below to help you go across the globe of Bitcoin-enabled sportsbooks. For more information, visit bitcoin price.


It preceded Bovada’s international reputation. The lowest deposit for Bovada’s Bitcoin is $20, while the maximum amount is $5,000. Therefore, the withdrawal limit for Bovada shall be $3,000 per trading. The Bitcoin interface in Bovada is top quality, making the entire deposit, bet, and withdrawal process seamless with Bitcoin. Bitcoin cancellations and deposits at Bovada are not charged in any way.

Bitcoin is an internet-age currency; it has no geographical limitations or limitations. This is celebrated by, and all geographical boundaries are removed for its depositing clients at Bitcoin.

During regular business hours, handles 24-hour deposits and processes retractions. When requested withdrawal during the usual business hours, customers of will have their Bitcoin wallets credited, which is very rapid compared with most traditional currency withdrawals within 24 hours. The maximum amount for Bitcoin is $25,000 when you sign up online. The lowest deposit is $20. In addition, each better has the right to withdraw one Bitcoin free per month.


BetOnline is intensely active in the crypto-monetary realm, accepting Bitcoin and offering repositories in Ethereum and Litecoin. Withdrawals at BetOnline are typically processed within a significantly shorter time frame and take up to 48 hours. We discovered that the withdrawal process takes less than 60 minutes during regular business hours. Deposits are handled even more quickly, and your Bitcoin will be available within two hours or less from your account.

The maximum Bitcoin deposit of BetOnline is $25,000, while the complete withdrawal is $10,000. In addition, the sportsbook charges the usual 2% fee when you withdraw from BetOnline. This fee applies to every currency and escape; it is not Bitcoin-specific.


GTbets are subject to the same restrictions as the conventional financial technique of Bitcoin bets, deposits, and withdraws to guarantee the safeguards of its customers. This involves identity verification, and before receiving and making the sixth deposit, all GTbets users must present proof.

The Bitcoin deposit is $5,000 maximum in GTbets. Therefore, the minimum amount of your deposit is $35. GTbets can make free withdrawals in Bitcoin once every 30 days. Further departures are permitted weekly, subject to a 5% charge. This is, however, up to $60 for withdrawals from Bitcoin. In addition, GTbets allows you to withdraw using an alternate way when you deposit with Bitcoin, unlike other sportsbooks.

Although the website’s name calls for old-styled bookies, isn’t a Luddite and is ready to serve adoring customers in Bitcoin. The maximum deposit and withdrawal restrictions on Bitcoin are the same. Both are $10,000 fixed.

Deposits take longer to confirm, between one and two days. Often, deposits of Bitcoin are checked in a significantly shorter period. After a withdrawal is completed correctly, bettors receive their money within a week.

Why Bitcoin is Safe for Betting

You risk transferring money to bad players if you don’t select among the numerous Bitcoin betting sites. Many sportsbooks have unstable banking and payouts and withdrawals, and in the past, hundreds of online sportsbooks have had problems with insolvency and solvency. There are four primary reasons why a safe Bitcoin sportsbook should be used.

Fortunately, we researched for you once again. Not only takes Bitcoin, but each sportsbook we propose above has a proven history of stability, solid financial planning, and top-of-the-line customer care. We trust these sportsbooks to be safe selections for your money and your Bitcoin because of their positive reputations.

Safe and Secure

Our readers commonly ask a question, but blockchain speaks for itself. The security level provided by crypto is integrated into the system. In the sportsbooks, we recommend converting the BTC to USD when the deposit is made; USD is converted back into BTC at the time of withdrawal. Thus, you’re protected not only against the volatility of Bitcoin but from any Bitcoin hacker that is targeted at your sportsbook.

Everyone heard Bitcoin’s horror stories be hacked. If you keep Bitcoin via a “hot wallet” (one on the net), hackers will have the possibility of accessing and draining all the funds from all the Bitcoin in their wallet. Security in Bitcoin may be unfailing, but it does not concern wallets. If you use a Bitcoin-only sportsbook, you don’t have any guarantee that they take appropriate security procedures, even with the best intentions, to protect your Bitcoin. You may lose all your BTC if a Bitcoin-only sportsbook is punched.

When you put Bitcoin bets and convert them to USD, your money is 100 percent secure. Hackers can get their hands on this way; there is nothing. If security is, as always, your primary concern, classic full-service sportsbooks are your best alternative. Allow your own sports bets to be fortunate.

Improved Odds

Bitcoin’s only sportsbooks are pretty dull; they don’t offer more esoteric leagues and sports lines, and no betting possibilities for sports events are so many. We, therefore, propose Bitcoin-integrated sportsbooks rather than concentrate on them.

Quick Payouts

Traditional bookmakers are proud of speedy withdrawals and are responsible for failing to comply with these demanding criteria. Unfortunately, new sportsbooks for Bitcoin alone sometimes do not comply with the same quick payout rules. This is because they’re not as full-scale, well-rounded, and staffed as traditional books in financial and customer services departments. This naturally indicates that withdrawal delays are regular and expected.

Customer Service Top-Notch

The sportsbooks we examine have customer service entirely developed. Either by e-mail, telephone, or live chat, you prefer to contact customer care; traditional sportsbooks are covered by it. However, due to Bitcoin’s scale and relatively new features, they do not offer the same customer assistance in full-service conditions. Therefore, keep a regular Bitcoin sportsbook if you want an early customer service guarantee.

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