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Roulette Strategies & Tips: Is there more to the Game than Chance?

Roulette is one of the most instantly recognisable casino games. It consists of a large spinning wheel and a table depicting a grid split into different numbers. These numbers relate to those on the wheel, which are divided by wooden slots into which a ball will settle, denoting the winning number. Players place their bets on which number they think will win by selecting single numbers or groups, rows, columns, and colours from the table grid.

Evolution of Roulette

The game has been played in its current form since the early 18th century when a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel. Previous versions of a spinning wheel style game have been noted going back centuries, but it was his invention which defined the modern game and, except for changes in the numbers including adding the green zero in European roulette, the game of roulette has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

In addition to the ever-expanding phone market, gaming industries began to see the potential in online gaming apps, this was where mobile roulette gaming found its home. The online format drew attention because of its innovative graphics, fun game design and the ability to offer tailored experiences to consumers based upon their gaming preferences which gave it an edge amongst other unique casino genres.

Because roulette is such a popular game it was one of the first games to find its way into online casinos. The rules are simple and easy for players to pick up, making it a very popular game amongst new casino visitors. The game of roulette is also entirely luck based, meaning players don’t have to learn complicated strategies in order to compete – anyone at the table can win, regardless of their experience. However, there are various strategies you could call upon to help minimise your losses and maximise your chances at winning.

Betting Strategies

Betting strategies are designed to offset losses and reduce your chances of walking away from the game with less than you started with. Although many would see roulette purely as a game of chance, there are numerous strategies that players use in an attempt to maximise their winnings. There are also numerous versions of roulette, which need to be considered before playing. You also need to decide if you are going to play roulette in an online casino or in a land based one. Some expert reviews suggest that it is crucial to know the differences between the European and American versions of roulette if you are more than a casual player and are planning on choosing a roulette strategy. Of course, no betting strategy is guaranteed, and you should never bet more than you can afford. This applies even if a strategy urges you to bet more money! Here are some of the most common strategies for playing roulette:

  • Martingale Strategy – this is the system that most people have heard of, however it isn’t always the best for beginners because you can run into debt quickly if you end up with a losing streak. The simple rule to remember is always double your bet if you lose, then reset back to your initial bet after a win. So, if you start betting £1 and lose, next you will bet £2. If you win you will have a profit of £1 and you start betting again with the same starting bet of £1. The martingale strategy aims to bring you small wins while preventing big losses, but remember to set yourself a limit and if you lose that, you need to walk away.
  • Paroli System – This works in the opposite way to the martingale strategy and is often a much better choice for beginners as it is more conservative. This time, double your bet after a win but only a maximum of three times. Reset to your starting bet after three successive wins or after a loss. A run of three losses with the Martingale betting will see you down by £7, but using the Paroli system you’ll only be down by £3. A further run of three wins with the Martingale will see you recover your loss and have £3 profit, but with the Paroli system you’ll now have £4.
  • D’Alembert System – if you’re going to be making even bets – odd/even, red/black – then this is probably the strategy for you. Decide on a betting unit and increase your bet by one unit after a loss, then decrease it by one unit after a win. This moderates your streaks and prevents you taking huge loses…or making huge wins. Because you set the unit of bet, you can manage your bankroll effectively, and with no double involved your streaks are not going to get out of control. Say your unit is £5, after a loss you now bet £10, after another loss you bet £15. Then after a win, back to £10.


Roulette is a game of luck so there is no sure-fire strategy to beat the system. By taking into account the version of roulette you are playing, you can then decide on which strategy suits your goals. By betting smart and using strategies to manage your bankroll, you can reduce your losses and maybe even walk away with a little extra cash in your pocket.

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