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The Best Mobile Crypto Wallets in 2021

People love their phones. They use them to order food, shop, chat with friends, or even learn new skills. Mobile usage grows by the second‌, and it’s natural to think that more and more people will start using their phones to manage finances and investments. Bitcoin has been a topic of interest for several years. People have been investing in it for quite a while, but they worry about the safety of their wallets. Luckily, many mobile wallets are available to help you take your crypto with you and pay with it as well.

What Is a Mobile Crypto Wallet? 

In simple terms, a cryptocurrency wallet for mobile phones is an app you can download and use to store and send the coins you own. These wallets are compatible with iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Since they’re on your mobile, they’re always available. Mobile wallets can store various kinds of coins. However, keeping crypto in a mobile wallet is not the safest option since there’s always the risk of getting hacked or losing your phone. 

The Best Mobile Wallets

These are some of the best mobile wallets available today. They store the most famous currencies and are free to download. 

Mycelium is available for Android and iOS. It’s one of those wallets created for people familiar with cryptocurrencies, so it might be overwhelming for novice users. It offers offline storage, QR code payments, and total control over your private keys. It has an exchange available on the app as well. 

This wallet has a mobile and desktop version. It has a simple user interface, as well as a built-in exchange. One of its best features is the cryptocurrency swap, where you can exchange about 100 crypto assets. It’s excellent for beginners. 

Edge allows you to buy, trade, and store dozens of currencies. It’s available for Android and iOS and is secure, private, and easy to use. You can backup it with just a username and password, login from multiple devices, and access it with a PIN or a TouchID. 

Cake Wallet
This is another great mobile wallet that lets you store various currencies, buy bitcoins straight from the app, and create multiple wallets and accounts. It offers a built-in exchange for 16 currencies, many languages, and local or cloud backups. 

Atomic Wallet
This wallet has a desktop and mobile version. It lets you buy crypto with ease, exchange it, get cashback, or stake it and receive rewards. It supports over 300 currencies. It’s completely anonymous with no Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for the basic wallet features. 

Jaxx Liberty
Jaxx is one of those wallets that’s simple to use on any device. It lets you access third-party apps like Changelly to buy and sell digital assets. It shows asset balance, value changes, and the latest news. You can also use it to check balances and transaction data across multiple blockchains. 

Lumi offers a high level of security, where your private keys are never stored or sent anywhere. No registration is required to start using this wallet. You can also use it to purchase cryptocurrencies and build your portfolio right in the app. 

With BRD, you can purchase bitcoins in various ways, including in-person purchases at the Bitcoin ATM or even in a convenience store. This wallet is great for beginners and expert users alike. It’s a completely decentralized app with no accounts or passwords needed and no servers to hack.
With, you can enjoy shopping for various currencies and using the company’s Crypto Visa Debit cards. It can also be used as a portfolio app where you can track the price movement. The latest addition to the app is the NFT marketplace. This app can also be used to deposit crypto and get credit. 


If you decided to explore the cryptocurrency world but want your coins to be with you at all times, these are some of the best mobile wallets available. You can download these for free, regardless of your mobile operating system. There’s no need to pass the KYC or provide personal data. With mobile cryptocurrency wallets, you’ll be able to exchange, shop, and store your digital currencies at all times. 

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