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The Future of Cloud Gaming: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has evolved enormously over the last decade, and it shows zero signs of slowing down. One of the latest trends to sweep the landscape is cloud gaming, which allows players to enjoy their favourite games without having to download and install anything. Naturally, this relies on powerful technology and strong internet connections, which is what developers and innovative thinkers are steering towards. All you need to do is look at next-gen consoles and advancements in mobile networks to see the demand for cloud gaming is gradually being satisfied. Below, we’re going to tell you what cloud gaming is, why it’s important, and what technology is currently driving it.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming services work similarly to video streaming platforms – the title is provided without the need to physically own the title. Countless cloud gaming platforms are emerging, and they can be accessed on laptops, gaming PCs, smartphones, and consoles.

Why is Cloud Gaming Important?

Cloud gaming is reducing the cost of the industry, both for manufacturers and players. For example, by accessing titles through an online server, players no longer need to upgrade their hardware constantly. Even though higher-spec equipment allows for a greater visual treat, cloud gaming allows titles to be scaled to suit the receiving device, which helps open accessible markets.

Given that cloud game platforms use virtual storage, any saved data is stored in the cloud. This is an enormous benefit because it means players can pick up a compatible device and start playing, and it doesn’t matter about taking their physical hardware along for the ride. For example, a cloud gaming service accessible on a PC will save data to the cloud and allow the same data to be accessed on a tablet or smartphone.

5G Mobile Networking

Mobile gaming has exploded over recent years, especially with how advanced smartphones have become. This evolution in technology has meant that everyone with a smartphone, which is the majority of the global population, has access to online games. For example, the online casino industry has exploded over recent years, with thousands of brilliant slot games being accessible on a smartphone. If you’re a fan of online slots, BonusFinder UK has reviewed some of the best new slot sites.

To cope with the growing demand for smartphone gaming, the network infrastructure had to evolve, especially if cloud gaming is going to succeed on mobile. To this end, the 5G network is being rolled out, and it boasts impressive speeds of up to 100 Mbps and an enormous traffic capacity. According to industry experts, 5G and cloud gaming are going to drive market trends for mobile gaming over the next few years.

Next-Gen Consoles and Cloud Gaming

Console platforms are already embracing cloud gaming, with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass allowing players to access many titles through their cloud services. Although the system is currently in Beta and can cause gaming lag on low internet connections, it means people can enjoy AAA titles without having to wait hours for a game to install. Additionally, it means removing games from the hard drive will become a thing of the past.

As well as providing cloud gaming through their consoles, Microsoft has teamed up with Samsung to provide cloud-based Xbox titles through the Xbox app on select smart TVs. This means that, depending on internet speeds and hardware capabilities, Xbox titles can be enjoyed without even having an Xbox.

Whether it’s 5G paving the way for cloud gaming dominance on smartphones or Microsoft revolutionising the way games are accessed on consoles, there’s no denying that cloud gaming is here to stay.

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