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The history of esports betting

Esports is growing massively, with millions of people tuning in to watch the biggest tournaments. With this various forms of betting has come and gone, with esports becoming a staple with many bookies. 

But how did betting on esports go from something that was usually done at a LAN-party with the winner receiving a pizza from his friend, to raking in millions of dollars in revenue? In this text we’ll give you a brief run down of how esport bets went from something done on shady websites to being offered by the biggest bookmakers in the world.

Humble beginnings

The phenomena of esports betting started a short time after the developers of Counter Strike, Valve, released cosmetic items for the game. These cosmetic items changed the appearance of a player’s weapon and could be bought and sold with real life money.

Some players with some coding knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit quickly identified some opportunities with this. It didn’t take long until the first websites opened where players could bet on esport games using these cosmetic items.

But the fun couldn’t last forever. Due to regulatory pressure from various governments around the world combined with more and more unserious actors appearing on the scene, Valve was forced to pull the plug. But now traditional bookmakers had started to pick up an interest in the scene, and the massive demand for a platform for placing esports bets.

Traditional bookmakers make an entrance

Shortly after Valve shut down the first betting operations, traditional bookies picked up the torch. Although strange odds were commonplace at first the bookies soon managed to get the ship sailing in the right direction.

Today all of the biggest bookmakers offer betting on esports in some shape or form. Not all bookies allow betting on all esports, but the most popular to bet on are also the esports that have the biggest following all over the world: Counter Strike, League of Legends, and DotA 2.

Betting on esports is today completely safe

Today, betting on esports is just as safe as betting on traditional sports with a regular bookmaker. Even though the first sites may have been fun for gamblers, they were under no official regulation from anywhere and scams ran rampant. Betting on esports today works just in the same way as betting on traditional sports and comes with no extra steps or different methods compared to regular betting.

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