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The Tech Behind Mobile Slots

Mobile casino games have been around since 2005 when the first-ever mobile slot game (Pub Fruity) was launched. This started the trend that led to the massive increase in mobile gambling games that have since flooded the market.

Over time, online slots evolved from simple slots that mimicked the classic games offered by Vegas casinos in the 90s. Today, they provide stunning graphics, captivating sounds, and a memorable entertainment experience.

One thing not many people think about, however, is the technology that has driven this evolution. Therefore, in this article we’ll look at the technology behind mobile slot games and how they have helped facilitate the transition to mobile.

The Technology Making Things Work

Various tech marvels allow players to play wherever they are. Some have been around for a while, while others are upgraded constantly to ensure the best gambling experience.


Mobile games initially used one of the era’s most tried and trusted coding languages—Java. At the time, this was also the most common coding language used by all major phone manufacturers.

Java was the bedrock for most mobile applications (including mobile slots) for years. Even into the start of the smartphone era, Java was incorporated to help run early operating systems. However, as technology advanced and more phones began to launch with onboard web browsers, Java became increasingly phased out. The last Java 7 update was offered in April 2015.

In the meantime, casino software developers began to experiment with coding games using HTML—a basic web protocol supported by mobile and PC—and later HTML5. This allowed them to program one game that could be used on both platforms rather than making specifically coded games for each.

Random Number Generators

The technology behind computer randomizers has been around for a long time. It has also been used in casino games since the first digital slot games were developed. These ensure that the games operate fairly and have a high degree of randomness. Over the years, the coding behind these random number generators has been updated and improved to give slots a remarkable degree of randomization. These RNGs aren’t only responsible for making sure that mobile slots like Cleopatra are fair.


Security when transacting online has always been a significant concern for players—especially when playing with real money. While a great deal of trust has been garnered with online casinos over the years, the advent of mobile slot games and casinos was met with some scepticism.

However, this doubt was quickly quelled because of the dual layer of security offered by mobile slot games. This security is provided in two parts—one on the server and one on the mobile side.

On the server side, mobile slots must go through the same rigorous security standards as if the game is played on a PC. This means they use robust encryption methods (commonly end-to-end encryption, also known as hybrid encryption). The games also ensure constant connection to the secure servers that they run from.

On the mobile phone side, most smartphones come with an underlying security system that helps protect the device against hacking attempts. For iOS devices, this is called Data Protection, while for Android it depends on the device brand. Popular brands like Samsung use security systems like Knox.

While these systems work more to protect the core device and your data, they also provide a level of protection for the mobile browser through which you access your favourite mobile slot. If you are playing through an app, it also ensures that the app is secure.


While many players may prefer to keep their casino accounts separate from their social media, smartphones are the place where these two worlds collide. This is because many mobile casinos allow registration or logging in using an existing social network.

These abilities ensure that things run smoother by integrating mobile casino accounts with the account already stored on the device. Commonly, this could be a Facebook account, Google account, or Apple ID. Smoother integrations between the mobile slot providers and the device accounts make it easier to start playing without any holdups.

Tech for the Future

All of the above technology helps make popular slot games like Dead or Alive 2 playable on any mobile device through many fantastic online casinos, like those found on However, there are still significant ways that tech is evolving.

Lately, there is also a substantial advance into even newer and more revolutionary technology. This includes AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).

While VR technology requires additional hardware to be linked to your mobile device, AR is something developers are actively looking at to determine how they can incorporate it into mobile slots.

This inclusion of AR could see slot reels being portrayed in reel time (no pun intended) over the view from the mobile device’s camera. This will make the gambling experience more natural to the environment in which the player is sitting while also using the latest technology to make things look unreal.


Technology has always been a part of online slots. Since slots have moved into the mobile arena, the tech behind them has had to evolve to keep them more secure and exciting.

With emerging technologies that will help boost the industry even further, there is no saying what mobile slots will be like in the future.

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