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Top 10 Android Games Emulators

Mobile gaming has been on a high rise for the past couple of years with big games being added to the platform like PUBG and Freefire. Ever since then the world of mobile gaming has completely changed and for the better.

More and more android games are being introduced to the market and the quality of games is so good that gamers across different platforms are also enjoying the android games and to fill that gap we have got emulators, today we are going to list the best 10 android emulators for pc games.

10.  Bliss Os       

Bliss is a little different from all the other emulators you are going to find out there, it’s more like a virtual machine. It is a whole operating system that you have to boot on your machine in order to access different android games. The best part surely is that it comes free.

But the reason why we have placed it so far down the list of best emulators for android is because of the tedious process that one has to go through in order to make Bliss OS work for your PC. And even if you make it to the end of the process, you might still not be able to run it properly. So it is good but it takes a lot of work to get started.

9.  ARChon

The next android emulator on this list is ARChon, which you might not have heard before and to be honest, I didn’t either. ARChon is actually a google chrome extension that can be used to run android games directly on your browser. Now, this might sound easy and convenient but ARChon is actually a bit hard to get started with.

But once you get through the installation part of the process you will be able to run android games directly on chrome. However, it does have some restrictions that might hinder your experience.

8.  Genymotion

Genymotion is a testing tool made for developers to try out their very own android games but that doesn’t mean, you can not use it to play your favorite games on this emulator. Genymotion is free for the most part but it does let you make paid upgrades for a better android experience.

The best part about Genymotion is that it lets you play games using cloud gaming, which takes all the load off of your PCs for a light-weight gaming experience.

7.  MuMu

MuMu is one of the latest emulators that provide us with great android emulator features for a smooth gameplay experience. It might not stand out from the crowd but one thing that I like about MuMu is that it is a rather performant emulator that can be used in case other emulators prove to be a bit heavy.

MuMu is completely free and supports all kinds of android games using android version 6.0 or above. A nice option to have on your list of emulators.

6.  KO Player

While we are on the topic of lag-free android gaming experience, KO player is one of the lightest emulators that makes playing android games on your PC super easy and convenient. It’s super easy to install and navigate through with simple UI and easy controls.

KO Player is totally free to use with a few ads splashing around every once in a while, which is kind of a downside to it but besides that KO Player is actually a pretty good choice.

5.  MeMU

MeMU is a strong contender when it comes to android Emulators, the fact that it supports different versions of android OS like KitKat, Jelly Bean, and that it works really well with AMD and Intel chipsets is the sole reason why it is loved by many gamers around the world.

4.  AndY

The main idea behind AndY is to bring as many android games as possible to your Desktop. It isn’t as huge as most of the other emulators but it still makes a good choice however the installation could get really hairy as its bundled up with a lot of other ad-ons and plug-ins so make sure to decline them before you go for the install. Apart from the massive 3GB size for an Emulator, AndY is a really decent choice.

3.   GameLoop

GameLoop is another biggie in the show. GameLoop is primarily known for games like Call of Duty Mobile and of course, PUBG Mobile, a game where you can max out your PUBG Mobile account and sell it for money.  GameLoop is the most excellent choice to go for when it comes to both of these games as say many Desktop gamers who have been using this great emulator. GameLoop does have its cons as it requires every bit of power that your machine has to offer and it requires a lot of power to be running all nice and smooth which doesn’t make it as accessible as some of the other titles mentioned.

2.  LDPlayer

LDPlayer is another amazing emulator for Windows that works like a charm. It’s easy to use and very customizable which makes it ideal for a more personalised approach towards android gaming on a windows device. It lets you manage your games and adjust controls according to your preferences with much ease.

 1.  BlueStacks

BlueStacks is probably the most renowned emulator out there for playing android games on a PC or Laptop. With a super minimal interface just like a Smartphone or a tablet, BlueStacks is the easiest emulator out there which makes it a great choice for a huge number of gamers wanting to play android games on bigger screens. BlueStacks is surely the most popular one among android emulators and for strong reason

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