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Top 4 Battle Royale Games to Play on Nintendo Switch

Battle Royale games are the new shining stars of the gaming industry. For the last few years, we have seen a huge surge in the number of Battle Royale games and that’s due the ever-growing and captivating audience that’s been building up for quite a while now.

Although, there is a plethora of battle Royale games out there in the world for PC, Console and even mobile platform, we can still feel something lacking in the particular genre when it comes to Nintendo Switch, even with all the growing audience.

And there could be a lot of reasons behind it, depending on the game developers but according to what we have found out, It’s mainly due to the technological constraints and the budget. But there still are some pretty dope battle Royale games that you can play. And here are out top 4 picks:


Post-Apocalyptic settings seems to be fitting for this particular genre as we have seen in plenty of battle Royale games for PC or Console. Vigor follows the same theme with a first person view of the world. You have to survive your way through the brutal environment that appears to be the only viable place on earth.

This brutal survival title let’s you craft up shelters to, collect resources, gather up weapons, make friends, fight enemies and explore the cold world.

Realm Royale  

One of the best features we have seen in the modern battle Royale games in terms of popularity, is the shrinking battle ground area that forces the players to be engage in fights more often, which keeps it interesting. Realm Royale uses the same feature but with a few interesting twists and turns of its own.

The game features different classes with unique skills and abilities of their own. The graphics are fairly awesome and the best part is, it runs smoothly on the switch unlike some other games, with a consistent framerate.


Spellbreak is one of my favorite as it incorporates some pretty unique features that most of other games lack. This game offers a new of fighting style that doesn’t include guns and purely focuses on the magical spells. There are a ton of classes as well that you can pick, each with their own unique magic skills and abilities. The game runs like a charm on Nintendo, which makes the experience more pleasant.


I am sure, you all know about this one and for those who don’t, Fortnite is one of the most popular battle Royale games out there. The game offers plethora of features, you can play PvE or PvP mode, you can have pets in the game, craft up shelters, hunt wildlife and so much more! The only reason why we have put in down the list is because, this game can be quite laggy at times as it requires more powerful hardware to run it smoothly, so if you are planning on it, check out these old Fortnite accounts to get you started.

These are a few games with potential to keep you hooked to the screen for quite a while and if Battle Royale isn’t working for you, check out more popular games for Switch, such as Rocket League or Animal Crossing with amazing discount offers on Eldorado.

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